Intsar Is One Of Us

Helen Rowe
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Intsar Zaroug, a Sudanese dissident and trained medical doctor, was detained on Monday 27th February 2012, with the intention of deporting her back to Sudan, despite not having received a removal order. Under Home Office rules, unless she has been issued with a removal order she cannot be detained. We are convinced that detaining her now may be a mistake or a deliberate attempt to scare legitimate asylum seekers.

  • Intsar has been politically active in the UK, demonstrating against the Sudanese government.
  • Deporting her will make her easy prey for the Sudanese government and will facilitate the continued oppression of women. The situation for women in Sudan is worsening all the time.
  • Deportation will put Intsar's person and life in great danger.

Please sign this petition to get Intsar OUT of detention and support her campaign for justice!