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One of our curious fuzzy ferret buddy’s got stuck behind the mini fridge we keep their raw diet in and wasn’t feeling too well afterwards, she’s the baby of the bunch only being 3 months old so we wanted to do anything we could to help her so we took her to petco in Southlands which referred us to Seven Hills Vet Clinic as they were the only ferret specializing vets within a 60 min driving radius and so we took her there only to be told it would be $560 upfront just to see her! So on the back of our petco guarantee, it states if our ferret needs veterinary care within 30 days of purchase (we got her 18 days ago as a birthday gift as well as a cage mate) so we called this store and they said they won’t help her because the injury didn’t happen before we brought her. I stated the guarantee doesn’t specify that all it says and all I was told on the date of purchase was if she needed help within 30 days of purchase they would help AND reimburse ANY approved vet expenses. So after going back and forth with a employee/groomer named Amber, she left me a voicemail telling me to come in and they will help us out. So I rushed over and there was a tall white woman with purple hair and glasses with her purse on her shoulder, car keys in one hand and a cat carrier in the other. I walk up to amber and she says “sIgn these papers to give us permission to take her to the vet”. She pointed right to the signature and showed me where to sign not 2 seconds after setting the paper down so in the rush I signed and the lady with the glasses was off with our baby. Now I stayed 30-45 minutes talking with amber as she re assured me “we spent over $2,000 on a $3 mouse and got him all fixed up we will take care of her and call you with updates in the morning because they may want to keep her over night since it’s getting so dark” with that I thanked them, even SHOOK THEIR HANDS and left. The next morning We got the first update on our furry and they said she was doing well and they are slowly decreasing treatment to see how she does but they would like to keep her overnight again. At this point our other 2 ferrets are showing signs of depression and looking for the missing ferret. They started eating less and trying to escape their cages at night. So we called petco and asked what vet baby was at so we could take our other 2 fuzzies to go see their sister and when they informed me vida veterinary hospital I called up asking if we were able to bring by the family and they said no as we were not on the list of owners. So I asked how she was and they said they couldn’t disclose that information since I’m not the owner and at this point I am worried about my fuzzy so I called petco back and I informed them that they would not tell me the status of her because I am not a owner to which they replied they will call the clinic and give me a call back. I never received a call back so the next morning I called ready to pick up our baby, only to be told by the manager Roberto (whom of which had never spoken to me until this phone call) informed me that Petco now owns the ferret and I am no longer the owner of her. He also said “ if you want to talk you can come down later when I’m free”. Obviously not understanding this is like my child we are talking about, I throw on a hoodie and pajama pants and I drive down to the Petco with all of our fuzzys documents down to the very last hospital bill. As soon as we walk in the manager crosses his arms and refuses to speak with us and says if we do not get off of the property he will call the cops for trespassing and harassment. At this point I start video recording because he 1 just kidnapped or furry with absolutely 0 explanation as to why. And # 2 informed his staff to call the police on me and my girlfriend for standing and videotaping. At this customers start cursing at me and my girlfriend and the male even gets in my face and tries to hit me to the point where two of the employees had to back him up from me as I was just standing and recording (and yes this is all on video) And after this altercation the receptionist at thrive says that my girlfriend and I started the entire altercation and we were now harassing customers. After the police come we happily leave the building and explain our side of the story to which the police seem to have sympathy. They go into the store and they talk with the owner for about 20 minutes afterwards they come out ask for our IDs and give us a trespassing charge. So not only was our fuzzy kidnapped, we had no answers as to how she was or why she was taken in the first place, as well as a trespassing charge. So I come home and I call every person I could think of. From the corporate office to the local media to our city council members. Obviously no one gave me any results. And this entire ordeal happened around 12:30 PM. Not three hours later I get a phone call from Mr. Roberto who has an oddly cherry tone for the man that just threw us out with no explanation, kidnapped our child, and charged us with trespassing. He explains that they cannot give me my baby back but they are willing to give me a refund of $199. They do not understand that you cannot put a price tag on family. She is priceless to us. And to add insult to injury he calls back one more time to really hammer the nail in the coffin and explain that we will never get her back but he hopes the money makes up for the situation. After hearing that voicemail I decided not to reply right away because I was angry and so the next morning I called the store and immediately they asked for my name. After telling them my name they immediately hung up on me. This happened 4 more times until we called for my girlfriends phone and the exact same thing happened to her (we have screen shots of the call logs) until they ended up blocking our number. Now what we don’t understand is why these evil people would go out of their way to kidnap a child with no explanation, call the police on us and charge us for trespassing when we try to find answers, call us offering money in exchange for our baby, calling back once more to explain that we will never get her back but he hopes the money will rectify the situation, just to have us hung up on time after time. These people are insidious. They are pure evil. They care nothing about the animals they have. If we could we would take every animal in free them from those prisons. Ferrets need approximately four hours a day outside of the cage. They have never taken their ferrets out longer than for anyone to look at them. We took her into our home, we made her a part of our family, we took the time to potty train her, we got her on a raw diet, we clip her nails and groom her, she always had a endless supply of fresh food and water, and now she is back at that lifeless prison wondering why we just abandon her when in fact we tried to do everything we could for her because we loved her so much but we were taken advantage of by greedy greedy individuals. I can’t even imagine what she is going through right now. Only three months old and she was ripped away from her family. And they think money will fix this.

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