Get Andrew WK on Rockband

Conor Davenport
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4 Signatures Goal: 212,000

Andrew WK has brought the joy of PARTY to so many lives and has touched the hearts of many with his amazing music and motivational speaking. His live shows are some of the most party things you could ever attend, unfortunately Andrew cannot be everywhere nor can he play all the time. To counter this sad truth, there is something that must be done.

We need to get Andrew WK onto Rock Band 3, thereby bringing the party to living rooms across the world. This is not so simple however, as Andrew must be invited to get his songs on Rockband. We need to make Harmonix see that the fans want him on, so they can party the day away. Do your part and sign it today!






  • 5 years ago
    Conor Christopher Davenport United Kingdom
    5 years ago