Get Amber Heard to portray Marilyn Monroe in Andrew Dominik's "Blonde"

Sam Massalon
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Apparently their is a adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates novel "Blonde" and it had perviously casted Naomi Watts and now their casting Jessica Chastian for the role of the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe. I personally the casting is inaccurate , no offense to Jessica , i personally think that she doesn't even have the looks and the aura that Marilyn had and If anyone that i could think that would do Monroe justice is Amber Heard , Amber has the almost the exact facial expression as Monroe had when she was alive and also has the aura of Monroe as well , she also has a unique style of sultriness whenever she's on the red carpet and always looks like a bombshell and the reason why I think Amber would pull of Marilyn better than Jessica , is that she has the facial expressions , the sultriness of Monroe and the looks. since Amber plays a lot of dark roles , I believe this role would do Amber justice , i also heard that she likes to pick roles that have are interesting with female characters with a depth in the September 2013 issue of Flare magazine. the movie adaptation of "Blonde" would do Amber justice. please sign , If you want Amber Heard to play Marilyn Monroe in "Blonde" instead of Jessica Chastain.



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