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Xenophobic discrimination of Gerry in BB8

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To: Channel 4 This petition has been created because of the Xenophobic & homophobic discrimination of Greek housemate Gerry Stergiopoulos is facing within the Big Brother House. Channel 4 have clearly edited the programme to cut out the many offences committed against Gerry, Three things specifically stand out of biased editing from last nights Highlights (08/08/07). The way when Gerry and Ziggy were discussing Ziggy's nominations, it was made to look that Ziggy was being honest and confronting Gerry in a straight forward way whilst Gerry was made to look disinterested and above it all. Where as in fact Ziggy and Gerry both already knew each knew before that conversation, Ziggy was also very patronising to Gerry through the duration of that conversation and in fact Gerry did not react in any other way than was calm and rationale. That incident was also badly misrepresented. Also yesterday Gerry cooked a lovely meal for everyone (pasta carbonara) which all the HM's loved and would have been a really important thing to show given the ruthless control Carole Vincent has had over the kitchen. Yet this was entirely ignored. Finally the way Ziggy, Brian, Liam and Tracey all sat around at both the smoking area and in the caravan and bitched about Gerry was highly uncomfortable because it felt like borderline bullying. Yet nothing has been said by Big Brother to challenge any of this. Because of this, we feel Gerry is being isolated and targeted by the rest of the housemates, and is almost definitely going to be targeted next week in nominations. They have already discussed nomination talk when the ban was lifted on Weds! Also, we feel he has not been given fair edits, we all watch L/F and the proportion of his coverage showing low points is dis-proportionate to anything showing his warmer, funnier and caring moments. Gerry is being constantly referred to as a drama queen......and the constant mocking of his accent. Channel 4 continues to sugar-coat all the offences, they already took action between the Emily & Charley Incident over racism, but surely Xenophobia and racism, are they not the same thing The editing and favoritism is helping every Xenophobe in the United Kingdom forward their bigoted agenda. Personally, I have never seen such blatant racism on British television and the BB threads, and what appears to be Channel 4's and BBâ

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