Gerry Adams MP should resign immediately

Colm Wilson
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For several decades Gerry Adams MP has been aware that there were very serious allegations of sex abuse and rape against his brother Liam by Liams daughter. For almost as long it seems that Gerry Adams was quite happy to ignore the allegations while his brother was a prominent and trusted youth worker in Dundalk and Belfast. To limit the damage to his own political reputation Gerry Adams has claimed that he had his brother removed from Sinn Féin because of the allegations yet he didnt think it important enough to block Liam from working with young people. Several sections of the Irish and British have reported that Gerry Adams was in regular contact with his brother and was photographed in public caanvassing for Sinn Féin with his brother at the time when he claims to have had his brother removed from the party. Photographs have also appeared in the media of Gerry Adams posing for pictures with Liam Adams at Liams wedding in the late 90s. It seems that Gerry Adams has been caught lying again but this time it seems he was lying to cover-up the fact that a member of his family is a serious sex abuser, who has worked with countless children and was a leading member of his party. With all of the above in mind it makes the position of Gerry Adams MP and leader of a political party untenable. I call on him to resign as a public representitive and as leader of his party immediately.





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