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PETITION FOR GERMAN BORDER JUSTICE In 1945 historic German Provinces of Pomerania, Silesia, East Prussia, and the Sudetenland which had been German or ethnic German for centuries were ethnically cleansed and the German population was forcibly removed by the governments of the Soviet Union, United States and Great Britain. Germans lost homes and property which had been in their families for generations, women, children and the old were murdered, raped or died of exposure and hunger during the forced relocation east of the Oder River which became the "new" eastern German border with Poland, likewise. Germans in the Sudetenland were shot and mutilated and buried in mass graves. All of Silesia and Pomerania and the southern half of East Prussia were ceded to Poland to compensate for the Soviet Union's annexation of the eastern half of Poland to what is now Ukraine. The remaining half of East Prussia was ceded to the Soviet Union and remains a Russian enclave on the Baltic. The Sudetenland was ceded to Czechoslovakia, even though the Province had legally been ceded to Germany via International Treaty in 1938, signed by Great Britain, France, and Italy. The Germans, form 1945 to 1991 did not fully accept this theft of its eastern territory, but in 1991, the United States, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union extorted the German Government into accepting what became known as the Oder-Neisse Line as a condition to German Reunification in an act of political blackmail. Just a year later the Soviet Union fell, the Cold War ended and many European Borders were readjusted, many along the lines of Pre-World War II configuration, such as the division of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, however no effort was made to make the Germans whole for the theft of their historic eastern land and the resulting genocide of its people . Today, Germany has been called upon to provide significant financial support and to "bail out" many European Union Nations, such as Greece, Spain, and Italy without regard for an accounting for the wrongs committed against it and its people in the years 1945-1949. We therefore call for the return of the historic Provinces of Pomerania, Silesia, East Prussia and the Sudetenland to Germany, and thus a return of German/Polish, German/Czech Republic and Polish/Ukrainian/Russian borders to those of 1938/39, in an orderly, but expedited manner, acknowledging that the taking of these historic lands and the trauma done to Ethnic Germans as a result was Ethnic Cleansing and an illegal action by the United States, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain. The legal framework remains available for this action via the finalization of a final Peace Treaty with Germany and “Allies” and their successors since no Peace Treaty has ever been finalized or executed, thus German border justice remains an “open issue”.


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