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Nintendo: Please put Geno and Mallow in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam!

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At E3 2015, Nintendo announced the brand-new crossover game Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Bringing together the worlds of Paper Mario and the Mario & Luigi RPG saga, it will not only combine gameplay from both games but it will showcase the characters from both series we know and love. But there are two very important, very special characters from the Mario RPG genre that need to be in the game, and they are Geno and Mallow from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SMRPG for short) was the hit game in 1996 which sold 1.47 million copies at that time and continues to sell tons on the Wii Virtual Console 20 years later. It was a collaboration between Square and Nintendo and was the progenitor to both Paper Mario and the Mario & Luigi RPG series. Without it, those two series would never have been made, and because of that Super Mario RPG deserves acknowledgement and representation in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

Geno and Mallow are the two most popular, most beloved, most important characters from the original Super Mario RPG game and therefore putting them in would be the best way to represent SMRPG in Paper Jam. Despite the fact that SMRPG has been so poorly underrepresented the past 20 years, these two characters have a huge underground following that has campaigned for years to see them in a game again. Geno and Mallow's popularity is so high even to this day that Alphadream even had a Geno cameo in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Putting Geno and Mallow in Paper Jam would not only be possible but would bring back characters the Mario community loves and are in high demand even today.

Not only is Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam a part of the Mario franchise's upcoming 30-year anniversary, Super Mario RPG itself will reach its 20th anniversary next year, and putting Geno and Mallow in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam would be an excellent way not only to recognize SMRPG's 20th birthday but to recognize and celebrate the integral part it played in Mario's history next year.

We the fans humbly ask you, Nintendo, to put Geno and Mallow in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and celebrate a game whose popularity and importance spans beyond the flow of time. :)

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