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Leave our children alone!

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(a) that children should be taught chastity and faithfulness in marriage,

(b) that pornographic material has no place in any school,

(c) that positive teaching about homosexuality is wrong in any school,

(d) that children have a right to a childhood and

(e) that schools should do all they can to protect the innocence of young children and the virtue of older ones, whatever the sex educators, gay rights activists and condom manufacturers might want!


1 Much sex education material is funded by those with a vested interest in contraception - there's no money in chastity.

2 Don't be fooled by those who have renamed sex education as 'sex and relationships education' and say that in the early years of primary school they will just teach about 'relationships' - that's code for homosexual propaganda.

3 The UK Government in the 'public duty' provisions of the Equality Act 2010 is trying to compel schools to promote homosexuality under the cloak of anti-bullying.  There is of course no evidence that such teaching reduces bullying or name-calling (it might even increase it), it is just another excuse for promoting homosexuality.

4 Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg want even faith schools to teach that homosexuality is 'normal and harmless',

5 Gordon Brown hosted a party at No 10 for homosexual activists from 'Schools Out' in February 2010 and David Cameron has continued the trend,

6 Primary Care Trusts in England are putting 'sex outreach workers' into secondary schools and allowing them and school nurses to give out contraceptives to children of all ages and arrange abortions behind parents' backs.  Similar measures are gaining ground in Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland.

7 Homosexual activists led by Sir Ian McKellen are going into schools to present 'positive images' of homosexuality,

8 Primary schools in Waltham Forest used books like 'King and king', in which a prince 'marries' another prince, to sell homosexuality to five-year-olds in February 2009 and they did it across the curriculum, meaning parents could not exercise their statutory right to withdraw their children from sex education,

9 The same year the head teacher of Bromstone Primary School in Kent told a whole school assembly what 'homosexual' meant before showing the children two pairs of feet in a bed and telling them they could belong to a man and a woman or two men,

10 Exposure to such material amounts to child sexual abuse which would be illegal in any other setting,

11 Parents are responsible for their children's education and children should be educated in accordance with the wishes of their parents.

12 Parents have power if they act together.  Just thirty parents taking their children out of school for the 'LGBT' week in 2009 stopped the promotion of homosexuality in all primary schools in Waltham Forest thereafter. 


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