Gathering famous YouTube Skillers: "DzoneyHD, AddeyHD, Kazooie94, FifaRalle, SverigeDax, PhifaHD, PixelSa, FifaAndIHD, BukLau7182954

Fifa Skills
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2 SignaturesGoal: 500 The Fifa Skill Community is growing organisation of Fifa Skillers, to be honest it can become an obsession and that is why we decided to create a website built up and around about "Fifa Skill". Sounds a little weird? Right? Well by the end of 2015 we hope to have gathered some of the best Fifa players/skillers out there on YouTube, ranging from pre-grown skillers and to amazing well known skillers such as DzoneyHD. We are currently trying to work on contacting them... Still, you may be wondering WHAT IT IS. The Fifa Skill Community is open to members of the public which can either know everything you need to know about skills or people who want to learn and develop there knowledge. That is why here as a community we aim to figure out ways to achieve that and help... We proudly announce many of our wonderful features; exclusive skill guides! Fifa trading methods, LIVE CHAT WITH A 'CELEBRITY SKILLER'. An exclusive FREE members page, registration, And pre-heard rumours. If we have yet not got your intrigued enough in to our idea have a look through our site. Do realise that we need YOUR help to make this possible, our goals will only be reached with your help. We hope to seek as many famous youtube skillers and Fifa entertainers. If you are interested in helping us please sign our petition to attract the attention of these skillers. You don't have to be a skiller, or want to be one, you can just join and become part of the community... Feel free to see our other amazing features currently live on this site :D All the best, The Fifa Community