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THE ORIGINAL PETITION DID NOT REACH JUDGE EVANS. WE ARE NOW RE-DIRECTING THIS PETITION TO PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20500-0004, United States (+1 202-456-1414) LATEST UPDATE Malika Garrett reported to the federal prison in Florida on July 27th 2009, to begin an 18 month prison sentence after she pled guilty to harbouring an illegal alien (Razia Shams Mullikin). Malika was also sentenced to two years probation. On May 12th 2009 Malika's husband Russell received 2 years probation, no prison time or fines. They have to pay $150 a month restitution for the probation period to Razia Shams Mullikin... THE PROSECUTION COULD NOT UPHOLD ANY OF THE OTHER COUNTLESS FALSE CHARGES MADE BY RAZIA SHAMS MULLIKIN... Considering the circumstances the judge was very fair in her sentencing and it was obvious that she didn't believe Razia Shams Mullikin's story at all..She saw right through the scam but the judge's hands were tied as they had pled guilty to harbouring Razia Shams Mullikin. The question now is if Malika is guilty of harbouring an illegal - why is she the only one being punished for it Why is Razia Shams able to live her life in America a free citizen and not been deported And why haven't the couple who took in Razia Shams and harboured her after, not being punished There are so many discrepancies in this case and it's obvious to all that there has been a huge miscarriage of justice. WE THE FAMILY, FRIENDS AND SUPPORTERS OF MALIKA AND RUSSELL ARE NOW ASKING PRESIDENT OBAMA To investigate this case and grant clemency and pardon to this family. The family has suffered and been punished enough. Malika does not deserve to be in jail for showing compassion to a friend. Family and friends have now begun an intensive campaign to bring to light what's happened to the Garretts. The obvious injustices that have been committed. Let's get the story out please. ORIGINAL PETITION This is an official petition to Judge Orinda Evans in support of Malika and Russell Garrett. We understand Malika and Russell have pled guilty to harboring an illegal and Malika for making a false statement and not helping Razia Shams financially during January to June 2005. We are all friends, supporters, family, and neighbors who have witnessed first hand or firmly feel that the Garretts have been unfairly dealt with and wrongly accused of crimes they did not commit. We believe in this family and hope that you will look much closer at this case before sentencing. Even before any trial they were presumed guilty in media reports. We feel the Garretts did what they did, to protect their children from any further pain. We all believe that Razia Shams Mullikin manipulated the US system for her own benefit to get permanent residency in the country. She was willing and able to do whatever it took to stay in the US no matter who she ruined. We also believe she was successful in convincing the authorities of her story. We are deeply saddened to see that a good family, who have devoted their lives for this country, is being held as criminals while a desperate woman willing to manipulate the Garretts into helping her gain the system, is being seen as a victim. The Garretts have admitted to letting Razia Shams stay in their home when her visa expired. But she fooled them into believing her stories that she would be persecuted if she went back to India. They tried to help her within the law and their compassion and naivete means they now pay a heavy price. This has led to them losing everything they have worked for in their lives. They've lost their careers and consequently their home. Their good name is in tatters and the prospect of rebuilding their lives together as a family is now in jeopardy. They stood to gain nothing from their actions but the contentment of helping a woman they believed to be in distress. Mr Garretts family history of being law enforcement officials and himself being a sworn officer of the law shows his committment to the sanctity of the laws of his country. Clearly they believed they were doing the right thing in helping this woman. We are all hoping that you can see the circumstances that led to this horrible mess. The only crime the Garrets committed was not physically throwing Razia Shams out of their home and treating her as family and believing her stories. Please look at their records and accomplishments in this world before punishing them any further. We are all pleading to you as a judge to please stop this. Please recognise that the Garretts are the victims in this case. We will continue to support Russell and Malika Garrett. May God bless you and the United States and true Justice prevail. This petition is the opinion of all those who sign it and not of the Garretts themselves. --------------------------------------------------


This petition is by a group of concerned family and friends of the Garretts.


http://www.justiceforgarretts.blogspot.com/ http://www.facebook.com/group.phpgid=18783616199#/group.phpgid=18783616199 These are both links to sites in support of the Garretts. The first is a blog - please visit and give your thoughts. The second is a facebook campaign. Please join us in fighting for justice and getting the story out.
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