Garibaldi At Squamish Ski Resort

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The Garibaldi At Squamish Ski Resort.

Since the early 1960's through to the 1970's and 1980's.
there was an Environmental Study that was done by Thurber Engineering and Golder Associates.
and they Deemed it Unsuitable For Any Development Due To The Terrain Been Unstable.
as the Terrain is Found To Be A Thin Layer of Volcanic Crust With Linear Cracks from the Engineer Studies.
it is Stated in their Study that All Material on the Proposed area is of Volcanic Origin.
Within The Engineers Study That They Have It Publicly Known About The Linear Cracks on Brohm Ridge, that will Continue to increase Cracking in Deformations in that Area.
Any Fluctuations In Ground Water Or Earth Quake Shakes Of The Frontal Mass Rock face, and it Will Detach Catastrophically, And Fall into The Valley of the Cheekeye River.
To Now Say that they pass the Environmental process.
(As It Failed Environmental Study Before.)
I don't know how it will pass when it failed the Environmental process already in the past.
We have made A Petition For This Area Before, and it was stopped.
we are here to make a stand once again to save that part of the Environment.
Life will be Endangered due to the Already Linear Cracks that are on Brohm Ridge Mountain, if the Development goes through.
and the Terrain that is Unstable, that the Development of the Garibaldi At Squamish Resort will be built on.
there are many other people who go up Brohm Ridge. we have been going up there for many generations aswell.
We Are looking for Support in Saving this Area.



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