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Xbox, PS3, and PC gamers unite against IW

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Gamers across the would unite and take a stand against Infinity Ward. We all want dedicated servers and all of the features that we the customer expect. I encourage ALL gamers on all platforms to stand together and boycott MW2. I'm going to quote and article post on by Jock Yitch. This is very inspirational for all gamers. MW2: We need dedis for all platforms Written by jockyitch Wednesday, 28 October 2009 One of the few good things that has come out of the Great MW2 Dedicated Server Debacle is that console gamer are now beginning to understand what we hardcore PC gamers have known for years. Fat pipes = good gaming. Some XBox players have even started emailing me and asking me just how much better do dedicated servers play, in relation to a peer-to-peer set-up. The realization that console gamers are tied to the Activision mothership like space-walking astronauts has some in the PC community thinking... One such thinker, is spokesperson for Heat of Battle mod and CoD Hall of Famer, BritishBulldog1 (BB1) who has voiced his opinion that PC gamers should not be the only folks demanding dedicated servers. In a nutshell, the idea is as follows: Dedicated servers for an optimal online gaming experience is a logical idea and should be adopted by all platforms, not just on PC. This opinion has caught on. Over at the PS3 website,, they've followed up a scathing attack on Infinity Ward yesterday, with this interesting piece on dedi's...a petition for dedicated servers on PS3's: "That is exactly why this entire Infinity Ward and dedicated server situation effects all of us as gamers and not just the PC crowd. Think about how often you’ve played Resistance 2, Killzone 2 or any other first-party title online and enjoyed the quality it provided for you through a dedicated server. It’s nice, isn’t it Nobody receives an unfair advantage and everyone is on equal footing of skill and skill alone. This isn’t a bash at Microsoft, but I’m sure many of you have heard the complaints about Gears of War’s online component and how the host player receives a huge advantage over the rest of the players in a game, correct That’s something dedicated servers prevent and it’s something all games should strive for. Hopefully by now you’ve figured out why PC Gamers not receiving dedicated servers is nothing more than a decline in online quality from Infinity Ward as a whole. Instead of pushing the console to the limits and upgrading our services to dedicated servers, the developers and publisher have decided to shorten all three platforms by the lack of dedicated servers anywhere. Dedicated servers, regardless of the platform (even you Microsoft), should be a mandatory component to any online-focused title like Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield: Bad Company, etc." Whoa...what have we started Now, Playstation gamers are demanding dedicated servers. No wonder BB1 finds this intriguing. You see how influential PC gamers can be They have planted a mini-revolt in the console universe. A revolt that could spread. Our ability to amplify our influence has traditionally been the way we have been able to weather the storms that batter our community. By spreading this message to gaming communities outside our own PC players have been able to amplify their power to shape their multiplayer experience every time a console gamer is converted to this way of thinking. PC players should remember this for the future. Reach out to console gamers and tell them what they're missing. We are all gamers and speaking to console gamers in a civil, logical and respectful fashion on mutually benefical topics is not only the neighbourly thing to do it's also the strategic thing to do.


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