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Darla Karpinsky-Semper
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The last year of graduate school is usually the most exciting time for a graduate student. Your research is finally in its best form to be presented at a scientific conference. Unfortunately, many students will not have this opportunity since MFA Travel Awards will not be funded this year. This was the only intramural option for students to fund travel to conferences since all program travel allowances have been rescinded in light of recent economic hardships. Many PIs are in financial crises themselves and simply cannot afford student travel. Presenting at a scientific conference is a crucial step in PhD training. It allows students to exchange scientific knowledge, network and develop their careers. In addition, presenting at conferences benefits the image of The Miller School of Medicine as it provides inexpensive promotion of our best students and our Programs in Biomedical Sciences. Compared to the overall budget of the medical school, the Travel Award Fund is quite insignificant as each award was about $600. This petition is to re-instate program and MFA Travel Awards to give advanced students the opportunity to present and promote their research and our school at a scientific conference.



February 25
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