Fuji: give us less focus points on the X-T1!

Evert Doorn
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When you do reportage work with a camera, it's important to work and move fast.

A lot of photographers like to manually select their focus point closest to the subject in frame and then take the shot - this is more accurate than focus and recompose.

However, cycling thru all available focus points on modern camera's can take a while. Almost any DSLR allows you to select less than the maximum number of focus points, making cycling thru them a lot quicker. For instance, on the 5D 3, you can opt for 9 or 15 well laid out focus points rather than all 61.

Strangely enough, this option is not available on Fuji camera's, like the new X-T1 which should compete with DSLR's in terms of handling and operation.

As a camera company Fuji is doing great with listening to customers so please, Fuji, add this function with a firmware update on the new Fuji X-T1!




  • 4 years ago
    Evert Doorn
    4 years ago