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Buffy and Faiths Love

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I have always believed in love, no matter what kind of \"twist\" it has. Although some ppl do not agree with lesbian relationships for there own reasons, i have come to an understanding that it doesnt matter where the love comes from or what kind it is, as long as its there and the 2 ppl both feel it strongly. I also believe that Faith liked Buffy quite alot from the begining of \"Faith, Hope, and Trick\". She flirts heavily with the hungrey and horny comment, and she asks her friends about her, a classic move from the interested party, she tries to get along with Buffys friends and makes sure that her mom likes her and I read in some \"romance for dummies\" type book that,(direct quote here>) \"taking things, or possesions from a person you might like, symbolizes a great deal of attraction if its with out force. If youve ever caught yourself taking their pencils, gum wrappers, food, or history notes, with or with out their knowledge, you might have a medium level crush;\" (and that book was for highschool-college level love) am i blind or did i not see faith steal buffys french fries from across the table when there was a great big bowel of them off to her side Plus in \"Beauty and the Beasts\" Faith tries to turn Buffy off to men by telling her that they are all beasts, in Homecomming, after scott dumps Buffy, Faith ASKS HER OUT, plus faith embarrassed the hell out of him at the dance, to make him go through an embarrassment level of what buffy did, for her,then in revelations what was the thing at the bronze with faiths having her arms around Buffy and then saying in a tone that means the opposite, \"really *cough* we\'re just good friends....* lol then faith gets jealous of angel and goes off to kick his a**, and the sexual tention between faith and buffy when they were fighting was unbeilievable. not to mention later in the ep when comparing past relationships nethier of them have had there luck with guys to much. and heres for gingerbread, i noticed this almost instntly when Buffy talks about the story of the little boy who got his finger caught in the duck, Angel gently corrects her, telling her it is a \"dike\" buffy freaks thinking that angel guessed she might be one and is trying to tell her with out a big deal happening. oh boy.. and heres for bad girls.. where can we start the obvious flirting the heart on the window the banter between the two the DANCING! This ep was one big ball of Faith/Buffy homoerotic content, cut short by an unfortunate accident. concequenses was quite confusing for me though.. after a while i simply came to the conclusion that faith was afraid that after she freaked out and accused Buffy of murder, Buffy wouldn\'t love her anymore. She didn\'t want to see the pain she caused the one she loved, so she decided to get out of town before she hurt her any more than she already had. And when Buffy came after her, Faith was still so insecure that she thought she had to become evil. for enemies...everything Faith does in this episode is designed to hurt Buffy; stealing her boyfriend, torturing her, etc. etc. Faith still can\'t get Buffy out of her mind. She hates her simply because she loves her. On Buffy\'s part, she is horrified by Faith\'s betrayal and so tries to forget about her feelings. But whether she was acting or not, her speech to Faith when she was tied up: \"But we were friends, Faith.\" speaks yards about her feelings of hurt and betrayal. A low point in the girls\' relationship, but sexual tension abounded, i.e. \"If you\'re a screamer...\" ok and plus.. HELLO i dont care if it was on the forehead FAITH KISSED BUFFY and shes closed her eyes and stuff. sisterly kissed you dont close your eyes or runs you fingers through their hair, which i saw. i just wanna see faith and buffy get together or at least show there feelings in season 7, if/when eliza dushku comes back to play faith, (crosses all her fingers,toes, legs, arms, etc....)so anyway if ur a Fuffy (my rather weird word for faith/buffy shippers.. but hey... its not anyworse than spuffy (spike/buffy)....) you can sign up and hopfully it will make some kind of a difference


i am the induvidual, i dont really have a website, didnt know you need one but im gonna start this group in the bronze for Fuffys (faith and buffy shippers)
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