Ft Ridgly

Cathy Palmer
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I grew up near Ft. Ridgly and have so many fond memories of learning the history of the battle, seeing the actual buildings and knowing to be on very historic grounds.

It is a wonderful place to learn golf, and my parents spent many days there golfing in their retirement, along with my aunts and uncles. I have golfed there with my husband and children, and can't remember having so much fun and exercise doing other thing with them, My grandpa loved to go there when my aunts came to visit. It isn't a Country Club atmosphere. It's casual, fun, a learners course, and when the chalet was open, a very beautiful end to the day.

Many other things that happen there. My family has seen plays in the outdoor pavilion, enjoyed company picnics in the park, and hiking the trails.Friends of ours have rented the chalet for partys . I know of weddings taken pace there. Many of my friends enjoy the horse trails too. It's historic. Let's not lose it.



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