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Jose Escobar Rodriguez
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As residents of Provo City and particularly the Section south of 1680 North and 1100 North West of I-15 and East of Geneva rd we are very concerned with the addition of the FrontRunner which is scheduled to start Dec 2012 and is currently in the testing phases.  The schedule of the FrontRunner is set to start at 5:30am - 11:38pm Mon - Saturday every 30-45 mins approaching speeds of up to 80mph.  The concerns are as follows:

1. The Increase in noise.
2. The affect on our home and property values.
3. The affect on our quality of life.

In order to help alleviate the amount of noise the FrontRunner commuter trains emit we propose a sound wall to be installed in the section from 1680 North to 1100 North just west of the rail road tracks.

We appreciate the support from the community and need to voice our concerns to UTA and our city officials.  If you believe that an installation of a sound wall would improve your quality of life as well as reduce the considerable noise from the FrontRunner trails then please join us by adding your signature and comments below.


Concered property owner Provo area. Jose Escobar Jonathan Reni


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