French teacher for CM1A class who will be in CM2 next year (French Nationality, Mother Tongue French)

Yasmine Kandil
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Dear Mrs Nermine Nada, Mrs Mona Yassine and Mr. Frederic Tumpich,

At the beginning of this year, we were surprised, as you know, that the teacher who was supposed to teach our class is not coming and a replacement (Monsieur Nabil) will take over. Since it’s his first year at school, he was supposed to follow the system of the other class and to be under your kind supervision. Since the academic year is about to finish, we would like to share with you the parents’ experience:
1- We have no doubt that Monsieur Nabil has the necessary knowledge and did his best to communicate it to the students. He actually pushed them a little bit harder than what they are used to.
2- He is qualified in terms of French fluency. However he is not used to the French system and of course he cannot share aspects of the French culture with the students. He did not give enough care to the activities the way we used to have in previous years.
3- We have noticed that the other class is managed in a totally different manner both in terms of program content and workload.

Given the above situation, we do believe in our right to get a better chance in CM2. So we kindly request that the class is not to be mixed up with the other class and a special attention is to be given to this class while assigning the instructor.

When we first selected the French section of MLS, we selected it for a whole bunch of reasons and not only the French language. We were aiming at benefiting our children from the exposure to the French culture, the rich education system, the activities that are considered an integral part of such system, the fair chances and equal opportunities offered to students, the selection of qualified teachers who belong to the network of MLF etc. We hope the school management exerts the best effort to maintain the high quality education system we entrusted it to have.

Awaiting your kind reply

Parents of CM1A




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