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On March 17th, 2011, another innocent person entered the North Carolina prison system. Her name is Amanda Sperduti, or for those that know her well, "Mandy." She was in a car accident February 13th, 2010. Out of four people in the vehicle, Mandy was the only one to survive. What unfolded afterwards was an injustice. The investigating officer failed to follow protocal and allowed critical DNA evidence to be contaminated/destroyed. Mandy suffered a head injury that brought about retro-grade amnesia. Because of this injury, she has no memory of the accident or the events leading up to the accident. The evidence that didn't get destroyed was the damage to the steering wheel and dashboard. Mandy's injuries didn't match up. Also, Mandy's DNA was not found on the airbag.Three well respected experts stated the driver of this car couldn't have survived. Help us free this innocent person from the wrong doings of the judicial process.

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