Freehand must not die!

Johannes Gabriel
Johannes Gabriel 3 Comments
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We, who are signing this, are surprised, shocked and awfully disappointed by Adobe's announcement to give no further development to Freehand. They bought this program together with Macromedia. FreeHand is the main source to earn their living for many Graphic Designers. FreeHand has become a part of the Graphic Design world over the years. It is still felt by its users to be much superior to its competitor Adobe Illustrator - and it is a necessary tool for everyday work of many thousands. Illustrator is not an alternative - as it is clumsy and not designed to work everydays graphic jobs. So we ask Adobe to keep FreeHand alive, and to do further maintenance. If not, at least to sell it to some company who is willing to do so. Don't let FreeHand die and another piece of brilliant and well proved Software disappear for ever! We need FreeHand urgently for our work!