The more talents we create,the more we grow and develop

Sambhunath Tiadi
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The secretary General, United Nation/Head of all nations/
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international organizations/Public dignitaries and others.

Sub: Free Education for All up to degree level: The more talents we crate, the more we develop: It is possible on the part of governments

Honorable Sir/Madam & your Excellency,

Introduction: //

Now in the civilized society education plays a vital role in the modern era. The more talents we create, the more we can grow. History speaks that in the earlier days, the work of invention was being done by expertise manner, by practical experiencing. People experiencing themselves by the activities of nature and its practical implementation. When there were no scripts and languages, people education themselves by different actions through expression and their activities. Hindu mythology speaks that the kings and other upper caste people send their children to Gurukul (training or education centers) for training and education on war, use of the weapons, as well as for spiritual and moral education etc. Christian religions believe that the soldiers engaged in to defend the Christianity and their difference kings, administrators and country are true soldiers of Bible & Christianity. Bible gives both importance towards their religion and humanity both in caste and sex. Islamic people speak that all the Muslims are the true soldiers of Islam. All are related to education. Unless and until some of them learn something, how can they implement learned teachings in their life? There are different types of education like moral, spiritual, technical and non-technical. A lot of courses including science, arts and commerce will come under this purview including the newly introduced educational subject with due experiences in life.

Basic concepts: //

The talents of different countries have introduced different languages for their nations and provisional states. To understand something from expression of action to introduction/invention of language script might have taken much more time by our forefather talents. Still there was some provisions for fee to paid to the teachers and Gurus of the than time. But the poor and have not people of the earlier day were not getting opportunities to educate themselves before their experienced Gurus and teachers engaged in the regime of the King. There was no bank notes system for exchange system except gold and other materials. Prior to that, there was barter system also. As the gold and other metallic materials are limited resources in the world, for easy exchange system, bank paper notes were introduced. Different countries fought against foreign occupiers for their independence of their nation, and became success also except few. Than relationship was grown up between countries and countries, Most of the countries adopted their bye laws so to say their constitutions, though it vary from country to country except rare differences.Civilization developed. Most of the Muslim countries declare their nation as Islamic countries and in addition to their constitution; they also followed their religion book Koran in political activates while implementing any rules and regulations and taking action against any individual against violation guide-lines of Koran and other government polices framed by their either legislature or by Kings.

 Availability of talents: //

But what practically I see and have seen also in my life that there are some god gifted born quality talents in our nation as well as other countries. Such type of talents is available in all classes of families like (1) rich, richer and richest (2) Poor, poorer and poorest. Even some of the more talents of poorest families than poorer, poor, rich, richer and richest families and not getting scope for higher education in comparison to the other category of families. Even some more talents of poorer, poor including rich middle class families are also deprived to get their favorite education due to heave financial donations or their financial instability. The talented students of richer and richest class family, those who are position and powers holders in this society, he or she may be, are getting full financial support from their families for higher studies either in their own nation or reputed foreign educational institute by paying high donation and by spending high amount every years. Hence, a talented student of poor, poorer, poorest and middle class family (standard rich families) are deprived from their desired education, and situation compel them to take admission with other administrative, technical or vocational courses as per their financial stability and financial conditions. Some times the middle class families sell their household items, landed properties, gold ornaments for study of their children, and still does not capable to compete with the richer and richest families, due to financial instabilities, though their children are more talented to the richer and richest families in securing marks, physique, aptitude test, computer test and many other aspects.

How most talented are deprived from their desired education: //

 Think about poor, poorer and poorest. The most talented poor does get a scope for higher studies, as because his father is daily labor and earn 100 to 120 per month in India and some other many underdeveloped countries. Finding no other alternative ways, he helps his father in his daily labor for additional income for their families, and try to take admission in any local private or government college, if some one help to those families are extend to them. But it is not possible for all the cases. Some of the showing nature richer or richest people, corrupt political leaders, industrialists, and companies some times provide help to some such students for higher study, but not so higher study at par with their sons and daughters. This kind of sympathy is drawn artificially to make their name fame in the society, to achieve their political aim by temporary help, to make them selves as slaves after completion of their education by citing the examples of their financial help. So now calculate, how many strong difficulties the children of poor, poorer and poorest families are facing in their day to day life to impart education to their talented children? All the rich, richer and richest families are not in helping nature. Most of the them are greedy one and always run after money and accumulate more and more wealth. Even in the name of different companies, they avail loan for business, exploit common people by introducing and advertising various result oriented utility, usefullnes and progress of their products, and get it illegally certified from the government, even though the product is not suitable. They form companies under company Act, School and Colleges under Society Registration or Trust Act, get its affiliated from the competent authorities by giving bribe, if required, get it registered under SEBI and also advertise for public offer. Their cunning people became able to convince the common man to purchase share from their companies for trading purpose or other wise. The company may gain profits or loss it is a separate issue. But most of the times the poor and middle class people along with some rich people invest money on the share trading purposes or for other purposes. All the public are not capable to read the risk points written in small letters in the application formats and its annexure of the company leaflets, and on the basis of the right or wrong full advices of brokers or agents, on good faith, the public purchase the share, and out of total public shares holders of the company, some of them may be benefited, those who are acquainted with regular trading. It is nothing, only one type of gambling to cheat the innocent public those who are ignorant about the stock exchange and company policies.

 Education is just business now://

Now education is just like a business, and the entire country of India is under the control of 30,000 richer and richest people of India. There faces are well known to all the capitalistic Member of Parliments, Prime Ministers, other Ministers and other richer and richest people. Education Institutes registered under Society registration Act,1860 framed by britishers, and the Trust Act,1888 are non-profit one, where as such type of institution are trying to collect more and more money in the name of donations to the educational Institutes as well as for course fees.

Example and to expand education: //

Ireland is a small country where 100% education cost up degree level bear by government whether is professional, technical, Arts, Commerce or administrative. So there should be free education to all the citizens/people of different nations. Government of different nations should bear all the cost of all educational expenses/cost of their citizen whether major or minor i.e. up to degree level. If government nationalize all the Private Educational Institutes by providing appropriate status to the owners of such Institutes or founder of such Institute. Now education is just like a business. Instead of business it should be applied for the welfare of the human society. More and More government schools and colleges are required to be established in every corner of all block level by taking the population in that area. Aim should be for free education to all up to degree level, not in a public service mentality only but for a skillful mentality also so as to enable us 100% human resources and product there of. It should be implemented by government. That question may arise from which source government of India will collect the funds to bear the cost of educational expenses. My answer to this may not be satisfied by greedy richer and richest, political leaders and capitalists accept few good, educated and aware public, though they are rich. For their vested interest, greediness some people want to accumulate more wealth by many type of unfair means to treat others like their slaves, animals and make them their followers so as to enable them to get their chief popularity or to gain any powers and positions. Finding no other alternative ways, the poor public follows them for their existence due to their poverty conditions. Like right is the might in the law of the jungle or survival of the fittest.

Alternative ways to meet the deficit of education cost://

If I say, Government of India or any other poor nations should print the required bank notes (money) to meet the deficit of the budget for free education system and for others developmental work if any, some public may say that excess printing of bank notes (currencies) to meet the deficit for free education up to degree level may cause of price inflation or affect the Gross Domestic Products (GDP) of a nation. But practically neither it will not affect GDP nor will cause for price inflation, which I am sure about it. Even the calculation of GDP on the basis of data’s collected by the Central Statistical Organization (CSO) and others bodies are also not correct one. Most of the data collected from different sources are on the basis of past practices with out application of mind and hence all the data are also no true. Every year government print bank notes for different purposes, some bank notes are in the individual accounts of some people, some bank notes are in the market for circulation, and some are in the foreign countries. When it happens so, question does not arise. But when we want to print more money to meet any developmental activities, than question of inflation arise. What kind of thought it is? Has any government tried to implement it? When some richer and richest individual are accumulating huge quantities of wealth, huge quantity of individual bank balances, we are not talking about price inflation. But when we talk about printing of more money, than question of inflation arise though it will not impact inflation.

No price inflation://

So there is no price inflation if excess bank notes are printed to meet the deficit of public as we are having sufficient natural and human resources. Question of price inflation does not arise at all. Most of the Indian and other national of different countries have deposited the huge amount of wealth in different banks of foreign countries. Indian people have deposited more than 25 lakhs Cores in Swiss bank also. If the total money deposited in different foreign countries is collected by India, the share will be two crores(Rs.200,00,000.00 in INR) for each and every individual citizen of India or more. All the deposited foreign moneys either belong to richer and richer politicians, political parties, industrialists, administrators, & capitalists or other wise. Now calculate about the quantity of the accumulation of wealth in all other foreign banks by the Indians richer and richest people as well as other foreign richer and richest people in other different countries. Is it not the cause of price inflation? If excess printing of bank notes (money) cause for price inflation, than whom and why, who will explain it? I think no body can explain it logistically as most of the nations are corrupted and a specific richer and richest group of political leaders or capitalists will protest against it. They always want to keep all other weaker section people under suppression and as their slaves i.e, means survival of the fittest. Even it also matter of surprise the ex-late president Sadam Hussein of Iraq who had come from a poor farmer family and became the president of Iraq has deposited million and million dollars in foreign banks. The nature of such type of leaders is like this. So we can not say such types of leaders or capitalists either have moral capabilities or spiritual capabilities.

Example on linkage of religion: //

Than where are the value of religions and moral and spiritual education? Is it the teaching and preaching of Lord Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammad? Is it the teaching of Lord Gautam Buddha or Mahavir Jain or the true preachers of other religions? The poor Jesus born in a stable because of his poverty and when he grew up, he spoke the truth, which affected the sentiments of the than capitalists priests and kings/emperor. This was the cause for his death so to say crucification. His disciples or group of followers unable to protect that great gentle man; rather after his death their followers spread the religion of Christianity, thinking Lord Jesus as the true messenger of god or son of heavenly father and opened missionaries in different countries to teach the principles of Lord Jesus Christ, collect or raise funds by begging to the capitalists/different donors in the name of different NGOs. The same thing is also followed by other religions also.

Present responsibilities://

So now is the democratic time, and we have to pressurize governments to provide free education to all the citizens up to degree level with out hampering the interests of greedy owners of the different private educational institutes and all the cost of educational expenses should also be borne by government by printing excess bank notes (currencies) as per their requirement, if unable to collect excess deposited money by the corrupt leaders and capitalists of their respective nation. The more talents we crate, the more we grow. As agriculture is the foundation of economy of all the nations, after 100% education, there are lot of scope to create or generate 100% employment opportunities in agricultural and other sectors, subject to proper planning and its implementation by the respective state. It is also matter of surprise that very less people in the world are well aware about their constitutional rights due to lack of education and poverty. When all will be educated, and will aware about their human rights, along with moral and spiritual education and also able to use computer and internet, engaged themselves for their lively hood, they will not hesitate to caste vote to the true political leader after due assessment of their character nature and activities.

Support from all categories of people needed for free education://

 Free education does not come under the purview of capitalism, socialism, communism or fascism. So all the categories of people in the world should support free education by their government instead of private. Privatization of education is dangerous to wards the human society as involvement finance is there. Most of the privately educated students, those who are poor & continue their study by availing education loan, after completing their education, do not hesitate to join hands with terror organizations or naxalism organizations. Because they also want to exist in the society by earning something for their livelihood. So who is responsible for it? Capitalist or corrupt political leaders or lack of moral and spiritual education or due to anomaly in living conditions of different status of people of the world. So it is the duty of government to provide free education and generate 100% employment opportunities for all, which is quite possible in agriculture and other sectors.

One pattern of education is need for each and every nation://

 There also should be a one pattern of education for each and every nation instead of different education systems of provincial governments like central pattern, state pattern and international pattern. One pattern education all over one nation will create unity and integrity among their citizens with out any feelings in education. Training on farming, knowledge in different languages like local, regional, national and international languages are most essential for all and also should be compulsory for better out put and good communication skills to know the world better.

Free education will not affect any body or government & capitalists://

That 100% free & compulsory education up to degree or above level to all the citizens irrespective of colors, castes, creeds and religions of different nations up degree level or any higher level will not affect the economy of any nation, will not affect the individual richer and richest people and families, rather new strategies and plans will be adopted by government to improve richer and richest man more and more in their respective trade and business with liberal banking help, for which an elaborate discussion along with pros & con could be made with all the industrial capitalists by taking their project, working capital, banking liabilities, own investment, borrowed from Bank, provision for interest free loan, amount of different taxes paid to central, state and other bodies if any, along with other different result oriented facilities. The quantities of human resources will also increase by those only who with proper aid and help from Governments, other Corporate Bodies like exemption from different taxes imposed by state and central government, revival of the sick, loss of all small scale and large scale industries set up with up to date modernization with out keeping vacant to the industrial sheds located in the various parts of the different nations. There are many ways to make our capitalists of India as well as other countries more and more development of their industries. In other hand free and compulsory degree level or other higher education can pick most talented citizen from the poor families mean from the grass root level, those which will be very useful for our national construction irrespective color, caste, creed & sex. Many ways are there to make an under develop country developed one with out any bad impact on the developed countries. Therefore, all the political leaders, head of different nations and organizations both national and international are requested with humble prayer to think over the issue, and initiate action for free education instead of extending the facilities to any specific group in the democratic point of view for the best interest of human society and to develop the economy of all the nations and to make a strong unit & uniformity among the human society by changing their concept in the humanistic point of views. Generation of revenue will not be a bar for national government, except provincial which can be managed within both state and central government with due amendment of the constitutions.


Hope to hear something from you to know my mistakes if any for rectification. God bless you for all the times to come.

Yours truly,

Sambhunath Tiadi,

Advocate, Orissa High Court,(INDIA)

Lord Jesus & Mother Mary Foundation,
Bhubaneswar (Orissa) India
91 9777816178


SAMBHUNATH TIADI President Lord Jesus & Mother Mary Foundation HIG-221,Kalinga Vihar BDA Colony, Bhubaneswar-751019 Email: Mobile-91 9777816178





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