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Petition in Support of the Tunisian People in their Fight for their Rights and Freedom

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According to what is going on in Tunisia last weeks (even media doesnt report the rest of the world properly about the situation  because of the lack of media freedom) we want to show us awareness of their position and problems (such as supervision, lack of basic human rights, arrests of journalists who write objectivelly about the situation, young people who only ask for a job and right to an opinion, musicians who speak about the problems of unemployement, etc), by starting this petition that we hope many people from all sides of the world will sing and, that way, show that today, in this world that became village so where we cannot hide anymore behind the distance and unknowledge, others from the world are with them, supporting them this way. For freedom and human rights in Tunisia! And tyranic goverment to resign!


no sponsor but there's one interesting comment: Comments: im a tunisian girl who lives in south of tunisia we are sufferin now the tunisians are suffering from the last president ben ali.he left us but he didnt because he run away to kingdom saudian aribia he took everything he took our freedom he killed our people our innocent children our dignity. he took every thing from us. and when he choosed to run away he left behind him gungs to kill people who are suffering now from these gungs and they feel afraid of anything they can do. they feel afraid of sleeping because when they sleep they don t know if they will wake up the next day or not. we dont know these gungs but we are sure of that someday we will wake up and find our country free from all of these unloyable people we will wake up someday and find our country is the first country who change his path and we are the first people who revolt against his president. and this revolution was youth led we are the Young people who liberated our country and free our country in the International Youth Year and has been our country is the one who initiated that this is the year of an international youth. please comment on this


Monday, 10. 1. : least 20 killed in Algeria and Tunisia

Tuesday, 11. 1. : more than 50 killed in Tunisia

Wendesday:  Riots in the capital & curfew
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