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Freedom to my Children

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My children have 13 and 15 y.o., and stay a detention place 40 months. First they stayed in detention from 6/6/2011 till 4/10/2013. Later they were detained again on 2/7/2015. In both times, the decision of their arrest came from the Law Court of Sintra, Portugal. Both Law Court's decisions, however, were just possible, because the Sintra Law Court was manipulated by fake reports from the C.P.C.J. Sintra Ocidental/ ECJ Sintra. Although their lies, the fact is the Law Court has always given them credit. And so although several witnesses had been interrogated, including my children,.the fact is that the Law Court last 21/7/2016 decided to keep my children in detention one more year, to change them to another detention place, and continuing to forbide my family to meet my children. So against my children will, they can not come back home, and they not have freedom to stay where they want, which is home. Of course when their lawyer told them the decision, they were in shock, crying so loud, as I could listened on the phone. Now my lawyer and their lawyer will have 10 days to appeal to a High Court in Lisboa, which is called Tribunal da Relação, for trying to change the decision of Sintra Law Court. We appeal, because the Sintra Law Court decision is wrong, and its sin is to be tottaly unfair to my children. And I say tottally unfair, because the Law Court decision is based in lies of C.P.C.J. Sintra Ocidental/ ECJ Sintra. As they lied, I already took the decision to charge them in the same Law Court, and there is a new process from me against them, for their crime of fake reports and lies. Although in this last process I charge them for their lies, however they keep their lies against my children, manipulating the Law Court's decision, and making the Law Court continueing my children's arrest in a detention place the total already of 40 months. The attitude of ECJ Sintra, a social security government department, only can be understood by their eventual hate against me, since they already know I charged them for their lies. So I believe they want keep my children under arrest just as a way to hurt me, since they know quite well that my children are so important to me. And as they can not hurt me other ways , they use my children for their revange against me. So this is how these social workers of ECJ Sintra deal with honest, hard working people and a good father like me. And that is why I decided to make this petition, for show my disapointment for justice in Portugal, my disapointment with the unacceptable behaviour of ECJ Sintra, a Social Security local department, and at last I make this petition for asking the freedom of my children. They have 13 and 15 y.o., and they are the victims of a big mistake in the slow and unefficient judicial system in Portugal, and they are victims of dishonest and uncompetent social workers who work in ECJ Sintra, for who my children are just more 2 children that they send to detention places, to where my government has to pay every month about 700 euros, and so all is a question of money, because as long my children and other children stayed there, there are people making money with their forced stay in these detention places. So let's have more honesty, and let's have more respect for children in this country, is also my request. Because has long there are people like this, with responsabilities, and working dishonestly like this, Portugal will never stop being a country of corruption and an undeveloped country in the world. Because while hipocrisy pretends to care and protect the children, indeed my children against their will, and without a real reason, are forced to live away from family. Because while Law Court gives total credit to ECJ Sintra, opts for not believe in my children, denying them what they want so much, which is to come home. While this Law Court sustains this denial, continues to refuse the freedom of my children, since after a total of 40 months that my children were forced to live far from family, now this same Law Court adds more 12 months of detention, and adding to that, my children will be transfered to other detention place. Where is justice, when the administration of justice is conditioned by lobbies implanted in the country? Where is justice, when this justice is partial? Instead of really protecting my children interests, but indeed and abusinly in the name of my children's rights, these people decide my children's life, even that it is indeed against the real will and wishes of my children. Does anyone, in the Sintra Law Court, Portugal, gave a minute of their "busy time" to think, how my children are feeling after they know about this cruel and heartcolded decision? So, although nowadays there is the slogan "Portugal is the country of affections", even this slogan may sounds nice, but in the case of my children, whose lifes are in the hands of this preconceptionist Law Court, that slogan is completely a empty sentence, since the decisions of this Law Court are simply the denial of all the love and care my children are claiming for, but which this Law Court stubornly denies, since refuses to believe what my children want, which is to stay home beside their family, and at same time, to their family is denied the right to stay with the children. So how can someone say that Portugal is the country of affections? I guess I will opt to call that Portugal is the country of liars, unjustice and the country where freedom, and happiness is not for everyone, but just for few. But while it happens, its authorities, this Law Court included, seemed to live as all their decisions are unquestioned, the most righteous and the best decisions for its people. They are quite wrong, same this Law Court is unfortunately quite wrong. And so my children can keep crying, because the State that we thought could help us, is the one who is against us. Poor country indeed, which is ruled by people like this. Moreover, and to conclude, all that can be said in this particular case is, shame on you Sintra Family Law Court. Shame on you, for your conditionated, partial and low performance justice administration. Since it is worthless, unefficient, and so subjective, at least in my children's case.

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