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To Governor Edward G. Rendell, and Attorney General Tom Corbett, Harrisburg,Pa. Dear Sirs, This petition is on behalf of loyal supporters who wish to exonerate Djinn Oakstar Rayn Buckingham. As supporters of Djinn, we ask that you find compassion in your heart and sign this petition. On Wednesday January 4th, 2006 at the tender age of 12 years old, Djinn was arrested and charged with the offenses of Criminal Homicide, One Count of Arson, Six Counts of Aggrevated Assault and Six Counts of Reckless Endangerment. On the same date January 4th, 2006 the questioning of Djinn Oakstar Rayn Buckingham took place at the Children and Youth services in Monroe County, Pa. by the State Police of Lehighton. We feel that Djinn Buckingham\'s legal rights were violated when at 12 years old he supposedly gave a life altering confession. There is no tape and or recording of this confession. Djinn did not have presence of counsel during this questioning session. Djinn\'s mother was in Arizona burying Sierra, her neice and Djinn\'s cousin who died in the fire. The questioning was only to be allowed if the case worker was present during Djinn\'s questioning and she was not. In a Supreme Court decision the 1967 Gault case, the court ruled in regards to Juveniles (1) "No statement made by the Juvenile can be used in a proceeding against them unless a determination has been made on the record that the Juvenile knew he was not obliged to speak and would suffer no penalty for being silent.\" There is no record of such determination. Also "if counsel was not present for some permissable reason when an admission was obtained, the greatest care must be taken to assure that the admission was voluntary, In the sense not only that it was not coerced or suggested, but also that it was not a product of adolescent fantasy, fright or despair." Since this confession was not taped or recorded how do we know that the confession was voluntary and was not coersed,suggested, or a product of imagination Juveniles face two major issues as it pertains to interrogations. First does a juvenile have the capacity to inderstand their fifth-amendment right against self-incrimination as it is explained to them in the Miranda Rights Warning Susceptibility to suggestion coupled with inherent naiveities and immature thought processes raise serious doubts as to the Juvenile to understand their rights. Another concern is assuming that the child understands their rights, will they successfully invoke them when all alone in a small interrogation room with adults posing pointed, accusing questions at them. Even if a Juvenile does understand their Miranda Rights and gives a statement that is considered, "knowing, intelligent and voluntary" it may not be reliable because of the nature of Juveniles to be incapable of adult reasoning. We state two appropriate cases for the record as to the unreliability of "Juvenile Confessions". (1) The case of Michael Crowe (2) The case of Ryan Harris We find that Djinn Oakstar Rayn Buckingham being incarcerated for a crime he did not commit to be cruel and unusual punishment, coupled with the above findings we feel that Djinn Oakstar Rayn Buckingham has suffered enough and poses no threat to himself or society. We humbly place this petition before you this day, to respectfully beg of you the following. (1) For Mercy upon Djinn Oakstar Rayn Buckingham (2) For a full pardon from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. (3) For the immediate release of Djinn Oakstar Rayn Buckingham (4) If none of the above criteria can be met, we request that the Case of Djinn Oakster Rayn Buckingham be reopened and all new information gathered can be presented, in a court of law. In closing, we Thank You for your time and your prompt attention to this matter as a child\'s rights are at stake. We know you are both very busy men, we look forward to your thoughtful and timely response. Sincerely, The Undersigned


Stephen Sydebotham, Rainbow Buckingham

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