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FREE DAZE - FREE DAZE - FREE DAZE - FREE DAZE - FREE DAZE - FREE DAZE - FREE DAZE - FREE DAZE - FREE DAZE - FREE DAZE - FREE DAZE (I had seen this on tv but thanks to Neilski for bringing this to my attention! Please spread this petition across the net, email the link to friends and family and lets get this petition together and then submit it to the relivent parties, it might not make a jot of difference, I know and understand this, BUT it will show solidarity with a fellow comrade of Hip Hop and our beautiful culture, it will also let the powers that be know that there are many people behind Daze as he sits in a cell paid by us the tax payer.... in a time when prisons are over crowded, pedophiles are allowed to walk the streets, pensioners are scared to go out and night for roaming gangs of youths with nothing to do and ASBO's handed out like "Jesus juice" in the Jackson mansion. Below is some details on the case.) This is the Daily Records take on it.... Graffiti Yob Gets Two Years For Causing £270k Of Damage March 20 2008 By Keith Mcleod A RAILWAY graffiti vandal has been jailed for causing £270,000 worth of damage. Gary Shields spray-painted trains and stations in Glasgow, Ayr, Paisley and Helensburgh. Every time, he left behind his distinctive "Daze" tag. Shields, 21, of Crookston, Glasgow, was jailed for 28 months after he admitted eight charges of malicious mischief. The sentence handed down by Ayr Sheriff Colin Miller is thought to be the toughest ever for acts of graffiti in Scotland. Shields, who is believed to be in a graffiti gang called Eazy Riders, spraypainted freight and passenger trains, as well as stations. British Transport Police (BTP) said he had put himself and others at serious risk. Shields was snared when BTP officers compared photographs of the graffiti - which had been appearing since 2005 - at various locations. Detective Chief Inspector Jim McKelvie, of BTP, said: "This sends out the signal that graffiti is nothing other than vandalism. "This man put himself in great danger, as well as endangering the lives of rail staff and passengers. "We will continue to work with our colleagues in the rail industry to apprehend the people who feel they can indulge in any kind of criminal activity on the rail network. "When this type of crime is committed, we routinely photograph the damage and add it to our comprehensive graffiti database we have on known graffiti offenders. "We can exchange this intelligence with our colleagues in the other police forces throughout Scotland which has helped us build up a picture of graffiti crime across the country." A BTP source said: "The huge bills were run up because of the cost of accessing and cleaning the areas which had been damaged and also because of the fact that rolling stock had to be taken out of service to be cleaned and repaired." A First ScotRail spokesman said: "This conviction will send out a powerful message that crime or vandalism will not be tolerated." Shields's sentencing on Tuesday came amid renewed efforts from the BTP to reduce acts of damage and trespassing on Scottish railway lines and stations. _______________________________________________________________________ Now many of you would disagree that this is NOT vandalism, but its all up to your own perspective on whats art and whats not. personally speaking I think this is a nonsense! We have over crowded prisons as it is! And we are sending people to jail for this! Even if it was an act of vandalism then whats wrong with community service in where Daze could be made to work with the youths on Youth Art projects Thus channeling his "criminal" behavior in a more constructive manner... not to mention the community benefiting from him rather than paying for him. And lets not be in any doubt the £270,000 worth of damage only comes to this amount when you add up the ridiculous contracts work they employ for companies to remove this ARTWORK! Also, as BTP said the delaying on trains on these specific lines in order to make it safe for a work force to remove this ART also helped make up the insane amount of money quoted. If any of you have been to France, Holland, Italy and generally anywhere in Europe and indeed the rest of the world you will see along railways and motorways how Graffiti art is celebrated and beautifully decorates the roadside, like a 21rst century cave painting, a hieroglyphics, if you will, of youth culture, a culture in which is grossly misunderstood and looked down on by those who simply dont understand or even care about need for youthful expression here in the UK! I often think... have we not bigger fish to fry More important issues to address And this is why I show my support Daze and all graffiti artists worldwide who find themselves under similar oppression. I hope you too agree with me and hope you add your name to the petition and also leave your thoughts on www.dropzonerecords.com Many thanks EASTBORN

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