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Boycott Universal Music, Support EMI & Apple

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Stand Up For Your Rights! The Universal Music Group of Vivendi doesn’t want to charge $0.99 for each song on iTunes and they REALLY don’t want to follow in EMI\'s shoes and offer songs without Apple\'s FairPlay DRM. What they want to do is charge us what they \"feel is fair\" for the popular or more popular songs. So anything that might be on someone’s\' Top Chart will cost you more than what it does today Are they offering you something special or more for it NO - They want to be able to, and I quote, \"maximize their profits\". Another words they want to be able to squeeze EVERY LAST CENT out of us for anything that might become a hit or from hit artists that produce hit after hit. Now that 20% of their profits come from iTunes its time to show them we will not put up with this. PURCHASE NO MUSIC FROM UNIVERSAL AT RETAIL STORES...and if they charge more on iTunes then we boycott them there too. Put your money into companies like Apple and EMI that are willing to remove restrictions and give us free will with our content...we did just pay for it. Lets show them that if they are fair to us we will be fair to them and purchase not pirate. Apple and Steve Jobs, music and media companies like EMI and Disney are driving in the right direction, the direction to free media we purchase and allow us to use it, as we feel fit. Companies like Universal now feel that they have an advantage and can go back to the old ways were music companies took complete control over the consumer and told them what they could do and how they could do it. WE NEED TO STAND UP TOGETHER AND MAKE SURE THEY HEAR US, THE PEOPLE, THEIR CUSTOMERS, SAY NO! NO to going back to the old days, No to allowing them control us, No to them taking advantage of us again. NO to the complete dishonor and disrespect they show us. We need to stand united and show we are not the dumb public consumer that has been used and taken advantage of before...NOT ANYMORE!!!


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The New York Times Universal in Dispute With Apple Over iTunes By JEFF LEEDS Published: July 2, 2007
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