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  • Petition for Redress of Grievances concerning the 2020 COVID-19 Emergency and Executive Orders issued by HIS EXCELLENCY CHRISTOPHER T. SUNUNU, GOVERNOR

    1. Pursuant to Part First Article 32 of The Constitution of the State of New Hampshire; We, the people undersigned, being of the State of New Hampshire, have consulted upon the common good and having found it to be and have been perverted and manifestly endangered with respect to the 2020 COVID-19 Emergency and Executive Orders, we now respectfully petition the Honorable New Hampshire House of Representatives and the Honorable Representatives thereof for the redress of our grievances; and we petition that the House of Representatives and the several Honorable Representatives thereof adopt this petition in its concise form, and further record on this petition the names of those Honorable Representatives who care to present this petition with the people undersigned so that this petition is properly received and read and a summary of this petition printed in the House Calendar; and we petition that the Clerk of the House of Representatives state the substance of this petition in summary and place a copy of this petition on file;
    2. Whereas we, the people undersigned, have observed and encountered a body of information, evidence, and interpersonal reports that consistently call into question and raise doubts about the validity of and necessity of “An order declaring a state of emergency due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)” and its’ extensions, we are concerned that the State of Emergency is and was artificially, unnecessarily, and inappropriately prolonged;
    3. Whereas we, the people undersigned, have experienced, witnessed, and heard of the pains, sufferings, and loss of our fellow people arising from the 2020 COVID-19 Emergency and Executive Orders; including but not limited to the following listed below, and we are therefore concerned that the Emergency and Executive Orders are and were excessive and negligently continued to the severe harm and detriment of our people, our children, our economy, our constitution, and our way of life:
      1. Loss of Life unrelated to COVID-19, including but not limited to causes such as suicide, and delayed medical care;
      2. Loss of physical, mental, and social health unrelated to COVID-19, including but not limited to loss of fitness through lack of play and exercise, delayed surgeries, delayed treatments and other medical care, loss and interruption of age and life stage appropriate social interactions and experiences, and increased depression, anxiety, hypochondriasis, and obsessive compulsive fixations;
      3. Denial of basic human dignity and humane treatment, including but not limited keeping our elderly, infirmed, and dying isolated from their families, friends, and loved ones and vice versa, as well as keeping our people from gathering to worship God;
      4. Loss of Income, including but not limited to causes such as businesses and employees being considered non-essential;
      5. Infringement of several Constitutional Rights including but not limited to the Right of Freedom of Religion, Right of Freedom of Expression, Right of Privacy, Right of Bodily integrity, and Right to Peaceably Assemble;
      6. Exposure to, education of, reinforcement for our children in maladaptive psychological, social, health, and emotional practices which may in some instances be irreversibly harmful and may subject otherwise beautiful, intelligent, and capable children to physical, mental, social, and spiritual ailments which likely would have never been suffered if it were not for the Executive and Emergency Orders, including but not limited to separating new borns from their mothers at birth;
      7. Denial of access to and enjoyment of long standing common traditions, practices, relationships, services, and institutions, including but not limited to access to schools and places of worship, being present at a family member’s death, and being able to comfort and console our ill;
      8. Causing otherwise law abiding individuals to be subject to citations and possible or actual prosecution for acts which have previously been deeply engrained through long standing tradition and custom to be considered reasonable, healthy, societally acceptable, and even encouraged;
      9. And lastly, needlessly causing avoidable situations of deprivation, denial, solitude, confusion, fear, and powerlessness among the people such that it may have led to actions of desperation and duress;
    IV. Therefore we, the people undersigned, petition the Honorable House of Representatives of the State of New Hampshire to form a committee, or rely upon such existing committee, as may be appropriate for the purpose of researching, compiling, investigating, evaluating, scrutinizing, assessing, and organizing all information, governmental records, and governmental proceedings (as defined by RSA 91-A:1-a and hereinafter referred to as “information”) pertaining to the 2020 COVID-19 Emergency and Executive Orders including but not limited to any and all information relied upon for the formulation and justification of said orders, all information accompanying and disseminated as a result of said orders, and all information later derived from or arising from said orders, as well as all other information and documentation in the possession of His Excellency the Governor, his advisors, and advisory committees which is relevant to said orders;
    V. Further we, the people undersigned, petition that such committee as requested above hold adequate public hearings to receive testimony and evidence submitted by the public pertaining to the grievances and concerns listed above;
    VI. Further, that if upon a thorough, complete, accurate, true, informed, and unbiased evaluation of the circumstances, evidence, testimony, and information surrounding the State of Emergency and related Emergency and Executive Orders it is believed to be just, proper, and appropriate by the Honorable House of Representatives, we the people undersigned, petition that the House of Representatives promptly and without undue delay impeach his Excellency the Governor Christopher T. Sununu pursuant to Part Second- Form of Government Article 17 for the purpose of removing him from office and/ or for future disqualification to hold or enjoy any place of honor, trust, or profit under this state.

    With love for our people, our state, and our country we humbly sign and submit this petition for redress of grievances,

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