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Recently our Dear Friend Tammie Green was involved in some unfortunate events. Let me start by saying Tammie is a strong, independent woman and has never needed to fight over any man. She will give her friends and family the shirt off her back with zero questions. The news has her looking like she is a jealous insecure woman and she’s FAR from that. She’s always walked away gracefully and avoided confrontation. She grew wiser each year with pain & experience. Anyone who knows Tammie knows Tammie is a woman of god. She is always staying positive and always praying. This beef was abnormal between the girls and not on Tammies part at all. Joesph was stalking Tammie. Joesph was trespassing in Tammies home, she stole Tammies mothers phone and exposed her mothers private acts of passion with her man On FACEBOOK for the town to see, giving people Tammie and her mothers information for them to contact for sexual acts, she stalked harassed and tried her best to stay in contact with Tammie out of spite for this man not being with her. This is not fair. The news will tell you what they think they know but Tammie was no new girlfriend. People can only tolerate so much Especially when things were escalating so fast with Joesph. Joesph is spiteful, manipulative, argumentative, confrontation, competitive, forceful, belligerent and dangerous as well to others. She doesn’t give up. How can you bother a person so much, a good loving person this. When you push and provoke you aren’t innocent either. I need friends and family of Tammie to speak out for her in her time of need! If your a friend be one. Now is the time. We need you to print any screen shots you may have or know of anyone having, print and send them to the local public defenders office at Monroe County Court House for Tammie. We have witnessed the harassment on Facebook you guys, let’s try. We have watched Tammie remain humble, kind and passive throughout this past year of drama. Tammie is innocent in many ways. I cant allow my friend to sit for defending herself ( for A full years worth of harassment and disrespectful acts of this girl )and yet she was still trying to push through with life’s difficulties and mind her own. Tammie had enough. Tammie has been through a lot within this past year, struggling with loosing a child, a god parent just a few days prior to this incident and on top of that loving a person who we come to realize isn’t for her. I know Tammie is sorry. Sorry she lost her cool, sorry she let her anger control her in an act of rage, sorry she let words make rational decisions, sorry she could have taken a life. This is not the friend we know and love, she needs support. Someone to speak up with her because we all know the provokers love to play victim when in reality my friend was suffering. Depressed and down and pushed to her end. No one is saying what she did is justified. It’s wrong, BUT just because you could tolerate more doesn’t make her tolerance any less serious. Everyone has a breaking point it’s not up to any of us to decide hers, she has reached it. When your exposing and coming for people on a everyday basis some one is going to snap. Gods timing is never wrong. Let’s help our friend prove she was provoked, harassed and desperate for change. If you’ve witnessed the harassment from Joesph to Green please sign the petition below. Lets try and help reduce Tammies sentence. #FREETAMMIEGREEN

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