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Free Richard Miles Wrongly convicted and Rights were violated

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On December 19TH 2011 Richard Miles was driving his vehicle when he was pulled over by a Medina County Sheriffs Deputy. The Deputy stated that he pulled him over for a traffic violation and proceeded to give a sobriety test , Richard Miles told the Deputy he has difficulty walking due to metal pins in his feet and ankle, given the circumstance he was still placed under arrest. The Deputy stated when Richard Miles was pulled over and rolled his window down he noticed the smell of Raw Marijuana , However there was NEVER any MARIJUANA found in the vehicle .

Later the canine unit showed up after the Deputy placed a call fro his OWN PERSONAL cell phone to the K-9 Officers Personal cell phone instead of going through Dispatch as NORMAL PROCEDURE.The dog was took to the car door and the Deputy Repeatedly touched the Rear door , there were no drugs found in the car.

The car was Legally "immobilized"due to Richard Miles arrest yet the Deputy stated in court that he was not under arrest , yet the video showed different.

The video used in court that was saw by the Jury showed that there were Two other cars who went thru the same stop sign just as Richard Miles did, none of the other cars were stopped . The video shows that the Deputy called in Richard Miles License Plate before he even went thru the stop sign.

The officers claim they found Cocaine in the engine of the Vehicle , However there were no fingerprints found , then the officers took the drugs out of the original evidence bag and they were placed in a bag provided by the Officers. Richard Miles took his case to trial as he knew he was innocent and was sentenced to 11 years in Prison.

There was another video that was mentioned in court of the arrest on December 19th 2011 , however during the jury trial it was not allowed to be seen in court , the JUDGE "took it home for the weekend to watch by himself" Isnt the purpose of a jury trial for the Jurors to know every detail of a case? Why was Richard Miles denied that right ?

The vehicle was searched by numerous officers , the Length of the stop was unconstitutional .

Here are a list of some of the violations.

1) The stop was initiated by a misdemeanor that was conducted by others that the deputy ignored even those more serious.

2)The deputy stated that he could smell raw marijuana when windown was lowered . This was impossible and was a pretext to a premeditated search.

3) Probable cause was not vaild.

4)The deputy called the K9 on his cell phone ,why? Dispatch was available but would have left records. When was K9 called?

5)The video at the suppression hearing hearing should have been shown to the defense so the legalitities could have been questioned instead the judge took it home to view in private.

6)The length of the stop was unconstitutional .

7) The subsequent search and seizure was against S14, Art.1 Of the Ohio Constitution.

8) Was the K9 Trained and why did the Deputy lead the dog to the rear passenger door and point at it several times to get the dog to alert.

9)The search of other area WAS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

10)The search produced a bag of drugs under the hood after moving some old rags left in the corner but at trial they said that the bad had been changed and that this was the deputies bag?? This was a premeditated stop and was a pretext to indict Richard Miles whether Guilty or innocent of any crime.

The prosecutors misconduct introduced new evidence in the final closing that would have cast doubt on the States case if known earlier.

Richard Miles had given up Finger prints at four separate times and not one of the times was his finger prints a match to the finger prints on the bag.

This is just bits and pieces of this case I just want to get this petition out to shed some light on this case of Racial Profiling and violation of this mans rights No matter the color of ones skin we all have loved ones. He has 5 young children who Love and miss their father dearly he has a whole family who is missing him. Please find it in your hearts to sign this petition and spread the word and help a innocent man find his way back to his family.

We all know that Racism exists in this country just as it did in Martin Luther Kings day, Look at this society we live in Look at all the innocent lives of children who were lost and there only crime is their skin color .Look at Young Trayvon Martin for example.

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