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Free Online Multiplayer for PlayStation 4

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Dear Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. On June 10th, 2013 at your SCEA E3 Conference, it was announced that PlayStation Plus, a subscription based service costing $50/year, would be required to play online. The majority of gamers feel that this is a good move, but we hope that this petition will change your mind or at the very least, have you introduce a basic online platform as an alternative option for a minority that also want to enjoy your products. We understand that servers have costs and require regular maintenance and that you are running a business, however the PlayStation Network servers in use by PSP, PS3 and PS Vita, have been free of charge since November 2006, so why is it suddenly necessary for those of us who have bought plenty of your consoles, games and accessories, have to pay an additional charge to use a feature that seemed to work out fine for SCE in the past? If the additional features such as video streaming, recording, uploading, ingame chat etc. are the reason, why should those of us who have no desire to use such features, have to pay for them, when all we would like to do is play the $60 game we just bought, online? Thankfully the PS4 will not require an internet connection or block used games like Microsoft's Xbox One, however unlike Nintendo's consoles, we are being forced to pay extra to access online multiplayer. The main reason many people bought a PS3 over an Xbox 360 was due to the online being free, but the PS4 will not have this luxury. Not everyone can pay additional fees/subscriptions on top of a console purchase due to many factors, and so we hope that you will offer a free online option for those consumers by: having advertisements on the user interface to pay for use of the free service and/or other options that will help pay for the service for those users instead. The PlayStation 3 had an "online pass" option, which if a game was bought used, an additional $10 was required to unlock the online for that game, this in a way, made much more sense, because at least this way everybody who was using the online servers for that game, had contributed to the upkeep of it, with PS4, the message seems to be: "Buy all your games used, and from the money you save, you can pay for PS+, buying a game new and sealed for $60 however, will not give you any advantages". This message is WRONG and those of us who buy games new should at the very least be rewarded, and not just North America customers, but worldwide customers, especially European customers who, to Sony, always seem to be the lowest priority. I have owned every single PlayStation console soon after launch and bought hundreds, possibly thousands of games across PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP (and soon to be PS Vita), with at least $1,000 spent on the PlayStation Store, I have had a 3 month purchase of PS+ in the past, and while I agree it has great value, did not renew the subscription because the basic PSN gives me all of what I want out of the system and I have no issues buying the games that I want. With this new forced fee to play online, I have no choice but to NOT purchase the PlayStation 4, and anyone signing this petition should also vote with their wallets and send a message to Sony to create an alternative to those of us who do not want to pay to play online with the games we buy. For the future of the video games industry, please sign this petition, and say no to blocking of used games, internet connection requirements and having to pay a subscription to play online. Thank You.

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