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Free Kareem Reddick, An Innocent Man

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How would you feel if you was sentenced and charged with a crime that you did not commit? A crime that the charge itself effects not only you, but your children, your entire future. It's a nightmare for Kareem Reddick, who was accused of raping a 17 year old girl in 2016. On 11/4/2016 Kareem had met the girl at her job, prior to this he had not known her. They exchanged messages back and forth on social media where he told her he was over the age of 21 and she was okay with it. She later gave Kareem her address to pick her up later that night. From the moment he picks her up SHE drives the car up until the time she arrives back home. If she wanted to go home she could have, SHE was driving the car. When they got to Kareem's house there was two witnesses in the house that talked to the girl and when Kareem and the girl left they can vouch for the fact that she was fine and showed no signs of being raped or kidnapped. She had her cellphone the entire time which was working and on so WHY didn't she call or text anyone if she was being raped or kidnapped? There was NONE of Kareem's DNA found in her vaginal samples. But, there was an UNKNOWN males semen identified that was not Kareem's as well as no amylase found in her vaginal samples. But the girl stated he used his own saliva for lubrication so WHY wasn't none of Kareem's amylase found in her vaginal samples? Because she is LYING. And then she proceeds to state that Kareem raped her with a condom so in the process of him holding her down on her stomach and forcing vaginal intercourse on her she is saying he had time to put on a condom? Also for argument sake if he held her down on her stomach and forced vaginal intercourse there was in fact, no injuries reported or observed by medical staff or investigators. Wouldn't you think with all that force there would be some kind of marks or something of that matter. Also her vaginal test would have shown that some kind of force was used on it or in it! The only DNA found in her vaginal samples came back to an unknown male that she was unwilling to disclosure or identify but did indicate that he may already be in the felon database which means he could be over 21. Which is illegal. On 11/5/2016 she made a call to her friends mom before she got home, they was still in Zanesville when this call took place so why didn't she tell her friends mom she was raped or kidnapped? Also, I'm trying to understand how Cambridge Police Officers would have an alleged rape victim send messages to her alleged rapist. That is unlawful, unethical and unprofessional. I also can't see an alleged victim being told to lie and message Kareem to not worry about the accusations, and that it was her mom and nothing was going to happen. They say they had her send those messages because of media coverage which is a lie because there was nothing in the news until March 2017. If they had her lie about that, what else is she lying about? On 11-23-2016 they Kareem's DNA samples but it wasn't sent to BCI lab until 11-29-2016. WHY? Seven days later with the girls pants and shirt. He had admitted to kissing her, so his amylase may have been found on her neck but honestly we believe they put the amylase on her pants, its possible considering they had Kareem's DNA and her pants for 7 days before being sent to the BCI lab it came back minor on her pants. Also, if it was on her crotch of her pants then that means it came out of her vagina. BUT THERE WAS NO AMYLASE OR SEMEN OF KAREEM REDDICK FOUND IN HER VAGINAL SAMPLES OF HER RAPE KIT. So, with all that being said we are asking for your support, we are now working with a paid attorney to get this case back into court. Thank you for your support!

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