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Free Bank for Williamsport High School

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Williamsport High School has taken away free bank from every single student that goes to our school. One of the reasons was that during these bank periods, the school had no effective way of retrieving students when needed by their parents. A USATODAY study shows that the average student misses four days a year that are official excused absences. According to my sources their are approximately nine hundred students at our school. That would mean twenty students would be called out of school each day. this figure may seem a bit high, but right know I am being generous to the school district. Our school day from the first bell to the last is six hours and forty-five minutes long. If we average it out, then one student would be leaving the school every twenty minutes. Bank is one hour, which means this reasoning for canceling bank would apply to four students a week on average out of nine hundred students. This means that the main reason out school canceled bank applies to only .2 percent of the schools population in one week, and only 7.2 percent during the entire year. If we assume that half of the students know that they are leaving the school with their parent, then the rule applies to only 3.6 percent of the student body. Even then, the numbers are generous to the faculty in order to give them the benefit of the doubt. The only other reason given to the cancellation of free bank was fighting, but the new bank system hasn't helped that problem either. People will fight during bank or not, taking away bank doesn't stop people from fighting, it punished those of us who have never been in one of these fights by taking away a system that we were not the abusers of. Perhaps if the school developed more time into finding a solution for the actual problem instead of perpetuating laziness with a half-baked answer that has no real, solid reasoning, the problems faced would be easier managed. The school will always have problems, they're unavoidable, but they would be easier managed if the people we trust to fix them would listen to the feedback and think of us not a subordinates, but as people, working together to create an environment that we can all do our best to thrive in. I propose that we come together to collectively bring back the old bank system. If we get enough signatures, and make enough of a fuss, the school can no longer say that the system works. Spread the word, share this link, and maybe, just maybe, we can get our bank back.

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