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Free Andre Pshenichnikov Now

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Free Andre Pshenichnikov Now JUNE 6, 2012: Andre Pshenichnikov, a 23 year old Jewish Israeli citizen, was arrested by the Israeli military last week for moving to the Palestinian refugee camp Dheisha, near Bethlehem. Andre hates Zionist racism and persecution of Palestinians and was striving to express his solidarity with them. His arrest under “adminisrative detention” used the fascist kidnap-and-disappear tactic commonly applied only to Palestinians. Moreover he is being held in total isolation and “tried” at a military court in the West Bank even though he holds Israeli citizenship. In order to hide the case from public consciousness, the Israeli Zionist authorities use the claim of “security” reasons to enforce total censorship on local media. The official “reason” for Andre’s arrest is violating a warrant of the chief Israeli army commander of the region which forbids Israelis from entering the 1967 territories (Gaza and the West Bank).This restriction is violated frequently, mainly by settlers but also by many Israeli activists, humanitarians and shoppers, without sanctions. Also army warrants have less importance than state law. During his hearings at the military court Andre is said to have declared that he does not recognize the legitimacy of the state of Israel and its laws and courts. Moreover, he supposedly demanded the cancellation of his Israeli citizenship. In reality the fascist Zionist regime is persecuting him because he believes in and struggles for total equality and against all forms of racism, colonialism, fascism and discrimination. He is also being persecuted because he rejects the racist and fascist ideology of Zionism and recognizes the Palestinians as working-class brothers and sisters and total equals. We demand his immediate release as well as the release of all Palestinian political prisoners held by the Israeli government. Andre Pshenichnikov’s arrest and the fascist means used against him illustrate the alarm with which the Israeli state views citizens who fight for equality with Palestinians. Palestinians, especially in the West Bank and Gaza, have long been subjected to fascist and murderous attacks by the Israeli army and police and a completely separate military “justice” system. Recently immigrant workers have become victims of these attacks. Now these attacks are also being used against a Jewish worker who dares to fight back. We urge workers and students around the world to join and build the struggle against the jailing of Andre and other political prisoners held by the Zionist state. This is one step in the fight against imperialism and for a just and egalitarian working-class led society in Israel/Palestine and around the world

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