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I want the public to know that a terrible injustice has been done in Jefferson County, Illinois.  On March 14, 2012 my daughter Aimee was assaulted by a neighbor McKenzie Green after he broke into our home.  We called the police who came to our home, and the officer took the word of the intruder and arrested my daughter!  Aimee is 19 years old and only weighs 105 pounds.  She was only trying to defend herself against a man who towered over her and for this SHE was arrested!  Aimee is sitting in jail to this day. 
There were three people in our home where this happened but the policeman who answered the call refused to interview any of us! The police department has yet to interview any of our witnesses to this crime.  As you can imagine, a small girl like Aimee suffered injuries as a result of the assault, and the police officer didn't even take pictures of her bruised face and body.  A neighbor who was standing in our yard was also a witness and saw what was happening as McKenzie broke our door and entered the house.  I had to watch helplessly as a policeman arrested and then drove away with my little girl, still hurting from her injuries she got when McKenzie beat her.
No one ever read Aimee her Miranda rights.  Aimee has never been arrested before.
The local authorities are refusing to allow my family to file home invasion and harassment charges against McKenzie Green. 
Her public defender won't answer her letters or even to talk to her.  Aimee wrote a letter to him (the only way she can contact him from jail) asking him to speak to me as her mother, and he didn't respond to this letter either. 
The court has made Aimee's bond so high that we can't pay her bond to get her out of jail, and so she is still there.  Having to sit there day after day is very frightening for all of us...especially for Aimee.  The  Jefferson County state's attorney knows there is exactly no evidence to hold her, and insists on trying this case.  There can be no evidence because Aimee was only defending herself....this man broke into OUR home!  We want accountability!  We want Aimee released immediately and returned home!
The policeman who answered the call and the sheriff's deputies have already lied in court documents. 
Apparantly law enforcement authorities here are very corrupt, and it's very frightening to learn that they've done things like assaulting teens in a group home and tazeing children...and these are the same people who now have my daughter.  I've discovered that even though lawsuits have been filed by their victims, the police officers who have done these terrible things and more, are still on the job have never been remanded for what they did.  They seem to think they are above the law and this is all a funny joke.
PLEASE HELP!  I am demanding justice for my daughter and will post updates here.  Additionally, I'm asking for court watchers for her case.  Please let them know someone knows about this and is watching.
Her attorney's name is:  Bob Verhines.  His phone number is:  618-244-8013.  Please call him and demand to know why he is not doing anything in this case to free my innocent daughter.
The state's attorney's name is: Darrin Rice.  His phone number is 618-244-8013 (the numbers are the same because they are all in the same courthouse).  Please ask him why a innocent girl is sitting in jail there.  There are laws in place to protect people in their homes, but it seems in this county law enforcement and the courts are making their own laws.
With police and courts like this in Jefferson country, no one is safe as long as they stay in their positions.  How can a person defend themselves and feel comfortable in their own home with people like this who are supposed to protect us but won't ?


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