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Petition for the Attorney General to investigate SGLI Paid Death Claim of a Soldier with PTSD

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My former husband was in the Army. He was in the 502nd of the 173rd Airborne out of Italy. He fought in Afghanistan and he came home in September of 2007 and was treated at Walter Reed for a hernia and severe PTSD. Before he left to go to Italy and then Afghanistan, he signed his SGLI beneficiary to his daughter, according to his sister in law who saw him sign it at her house in Arizona. While he was home, for one month, July of 2008, living next door to his dad, his beneficiary was mysteriously changed to his dad and his mother. My former husband was then sent to an in house PTSD treatment center in Oregon where he died from a drug complication in October of 2008. The night of his death, he told me over the phone during an extensive conversation that if anything should ever happen to him, that he wanted me to know that he had left his life insurance of 400k to me and our daughter. When the Army person came to read the life insurance beneficiary, I saw a "home made" change of beneficiary form. It was on a plain white piece of paper and it had my ex husbands signature in the middle of the page and around the signature was a home computer generated form. The date of this form?  July of 2008.  The same month that my former husband was living next door to his dad.  The parents were very exited about being named the beneficiaries and proceeded to celebrate. A few weeks later, they gave my daughter and I 5k and handed me some deposit slips for a "trust" that the dad had started for my daughter and asked me to donate to the trust and have my family and friends donate to the trust, of which he was the sole executor. He said that his wife had gotten some donations from people at work to fund the trust so far.  When questioned about how much money was in the trust, by me and by one of his other sons he gave no answer.  Why he had not used the life insurance benefit to fund the trust is another question entirely. He then said,"We almost didn't get the money."   He then said to me, "Can you believe he wanted (my daughter's name) to get everything?"  

Allegedly, the father asked a friend of his deceased son to delete certain emails from the hard drive of his sons computer, but maintain certain other emails. I believe the dad was trying to delete any evidence of his sons true intent. 
This petition is to get SGLI and the Army to investigate this matter.  So far they will not look into the paper work and determine if fraud was committed.  The army has the original paperwork, and there is a procedure for changing an SGLI beneficiary, which was not followed properly, according to my attorney who is also an Army Veteran.
Please sign my petition to get the Army, SGLI and the state to look into this matter so that I can know that I did all that I could to ensure my daughter gets her benefit from her dad.  I feel I have this duty to protect my daughter who is 10 years old and was the originally intended beneficiary. 
Thank you.


Karin Gudrun


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