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Fox Valley Villas

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This Petition to be submitted to the Rochester City Council and Planning and Zonig: Date yet to be determined.
We, the undersigned owners of property affected by the requested zoning change
described in the referenced file, do hereby protest against any change of the Land
Development Code which would zone the property to any classification other than R1


Your help is needed, please sign our petition to not let developers upzone our residential neighborhoods.

To: Younge Park Friends and Neighbors

From: Dan Johnson, Neighbor

Re: Petition Against Proposed Development

Recently Michael Wojcik, City Councilman invited neighbors to his home to have a discussion regarding a development proposal that is likely to come forward in our neighborhood. The proposed development’s location is the wooded area east of Younge Park. During this meeting, it was announced that 30 twin homes and a road intersecting the property is in the beginning stages of planning. The land is currently zoned R1 (low density housing). The developers will need to apply and be approved for a zoning variance (Special District) before these multifamily housing can be constructed.

I am asking the neighbors and friends of Younge Park to work together so that this zoning variance does not get approved by the City Council. The change in zoning is undesirable for our neighborhood for the following reasons:

(1)   The change will pose a threat to the safety of the neighborhood and children that play in the park because of increase in traffic.

(2)   The change will adversely alter the characteristics of the neighborhood. Height restrictions should be proposed.

(3)   The change will negatively affect the neighborhood’s property values over time.

(4)   The landfill and water run-off will affect neighbors at the base of the hill because of the extensive scale of the project.

(5)   There is no inordinate economic burden or hardship on the property owner sufficient to justify the variance.

(6)   We will lose all that green space.

We need to act fast, there is only one chance to try and prevent this zoning change. We need to keep the R1 zoning as intended, to only allow higher end single family homes and propose cul-de-sacs to prevent through traffic.

With your support, I would like to retain an attorney to help write the petition, negotiate with the builders and attend the City Council meetings to help us present our case.

If you would like to contribute a donation of $200 towards the hiring of an attorney and if you have an opinion about this project, please send an email to the following address:

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