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Fox and Fox Sports TV Commentating/Match Analysis

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After 5 days of watching the World Cup in the United States I have decided that FOX and FOX Sports need to hear what I believe people want. I believe these are some basics.

1. Focus on the game and not a million other things irrelevant to the game.

2. In the flow of the game analysis (What is working, not working, attacking tendencies, defending tendencies, Transition to both, how goals were created).

3. DO NOT go to a referee after every call during the game. That can be done at Half Time or Post Game. Is it possible to have commentators know the rules and see the slow motion replay?

4. It doesn't matter if you played for a national team or professionally, if you don't know the game in detail to explain what is happening play by play then hire people that do. There are thousands of college coaches, pro coaches, coaching educators all over the world that would do a great job. It doesn't have to be a "Big Name". It has to be good!!!!

5. Half time breakdown of the game. Not just highlights. With technology nowadays and the rest of the world doing it show more than just a replay. Use a pen or diagrams on the screen. What is working, not working, attacking tendencies, defending tendencies, Transition to both, how goals were created, and things the teams need to change/subs. You need to know more than just the stats!!!

6. Pre-game and post-game specifics on the team’s style of play etc., ask soccer questions pertaining to the game. Not how do you feel and how will you do in the next game etc...

7. Not all are bad but overall it should be better!!!!!

Even though the men’s U.S soccer team didn’t qualify for the world cup this is a great opportunity to educate parents, players, coaches, and anyone watching the game. I believe this could actually help the game in this country. For new soccer fans let's make sure they come back to watch.

I do not think FOX Sports realize how many people are changing to Telemundo or putting the game on mute. I know myself and thousands of others that could do a great job for the cost of a flight, hotel, food, and tickets to the games. Or worst-case scenario in a studio in the U.S.

Every day I read constant posts in regard to the commentating and lack of substance/play by play/knowledge. So let's see if 100,000 soccer fans in the U.S. agree before the world cup ends?

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