justice for candace

nikkie johnson
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candace was a beautiful 20 month old toddler. herĀ  mothers boyfriend hadĀ  been beating on her and her 2 siblings. all 3 was placed into dcs custody in a foster home with thier half sibling by their mother.one of the foster dads had put candace into the bathtub and started the water and left candace in the tub by herself while checking on her half sibling in another room. he had forgot that he left the water running not that he had left the baby in the tub alone. he returned to the bathroom to find candace facedown in the bathtub. he pulled her lifeless body out of the tub and tried preforming cpr on her. but instead of doing chest compressions on her stertum her pushed on her belly. 911 was called by the neighbor and the 2 of these people gave a 20 month old an enema. now i know that we are all not doctors and not all of us are the smartest in the world but if these people had been certified in cpr there would probably be a chance that candace may still be here today. there will be no law suits against the dcs nor the foster family due to the fact that it has been over a year since this has happened. this is our way to get justice for candace. no other family should have to go thru loosing a sister/ daughter because of someone not knowing the correct procedures to cpr. thankyou



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