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Forrest Fenn Treasure Fraud!

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The searchers for the Forrest Fenn Community would like to petition the Attorney Generals for the following states (New Mexico, Nevada, California, Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Illinois, Washington, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Maryland, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania) to investigate the Fraud committed against the treasure hunting community through the ongoing deceptive practices by Forrest Fenn and Associates. We the community feel the following Conspirators and Companies have conspired to defraud the solver of the Forrest Fenn Treasure their just reward and work at coordinating their efforts to keep the treasure and solution from ever being known. In the process they have been active in laundering monies through alleged Charity fundraisers, Youtube Superchats and other various means of raising money through their own private accounts and not through any registered 503C non-profit organization. We the community are providing a list of suspected associates and registered corporations involved and ask the Attorney General to validate each member involvement of named persons:

*If you have nothing to hide, then we should not fear any investigations.

Forrest Fenn
Zoe Old
Shiloh Old
Cynthia Meachum
Dal Neitzel
Kristie Olgivie Cowling
Mike Cowling
Amy Seeks
Justin Posey
Lou Cee
Mindy Montgomery Fausey
Lind Reel Hughes
Paul Ammons
Ben and Ashley Power (Youtuber Personalities)
Candace Irvine (Hershey)
Bill Gorman
Sacha Dent
Jason Dent
Greg Thompson
John Limbach
Copper Dan (Dan Hedblom)
Toby Younis
Shelly Carney
Douglas Preston
Lincoln Child
Jamie McCracken
Kyle Sandau
Rebecca Kaiser
Mark Doty
Kenneth Ham
Kenneth Martinez
Brian Maw
Richard Matteucci
Robert Dunn
Jason Northface
Amy Gwin
Frank Beier, JR. (AKA Shy Guy/Walking Among Lions)
Matt DeMoss
Jack Stuef
Kyle Stuef
Tyler Graybar
Paul Ammons
Jens Eser
Chuck Jones (Fenndy Jones)
Melinda Tafoya Cash
Robert Tafoya
Lori Spreeman
Dave Woodard
Karl Sommers
Thomas Hnasko
Kirk Kellams
Richard Montoya (Old Santa Fe Reality)
Donna Schmidt (Lasting Legacy, Inc)
Terry Carter
Laurel Wamsley

Youtube/Thor Personalities - Not Identified:

Granite Granny
Woo Cain
Galaxy Galaxy
Flutterby Phil (Phil Aveline)

Companies and Registered Businesses:
Splendide Mendax, Inc.
AGK Holdings Inc. - California
AGK Holdings LTD - UK
AGK Holdings Inc. - Michigan
AGK Holdings LLC - Ohio
AGK Holdings LLC - MIchigan
AGK Holdings LLC - Florida
AGK Holdings LLC - Texas
AGK Holdings LLC - Wyoming
AGK Holdings LLC - Georgia
AGK Holdings LLC - North Carolina
AGK Holdings LLC - Virginia
AGK IRA Holdings LLC - California
AGK Real Estate Holdings LLC - Oklahoma
AGK Holding LTD - Belize
AGK HOlding LLC - Florida
AGK Real Estate Holding LLC - New York
AGK Holding Corp - New York
KProCow LLC - Nevada
KproCow LLC - Wyoming
The San Lazaro Corporation - New Mexico
One Horse Land and Cattle LTD - New Mexico
San Lazaro Holding Company LLC - New Mexico
Fenn Galleries Publishing Inc - New Mexico
Fenn Enterprises LTD - New Mexico
Thrill of the Chase LLC - Florida
Thrill of the Chase LTD - New Jersey
Thrill of the Chase LLC - Kentucky
Too Far to Walk Limited - UK
Kpro Associates LLC - Dearborn Michigan
Kpro Services LLC - Santa Fe NM - (Registered Agents Inc)
Kpro Services LLC - Wyoming
Kpro Services LLC - Burnsville, Minnesota (Copper Dan)
Copper Elements - Rochester, Minnesota (Copper Dan)

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