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As Veterans of the United States military, we sign below in agreement with the following issue: **Travel pay for Veterans is received from the Veterans Administration (VA). This reimbursement is to be collected by each Veteran on a DAILY basis. Many Veterans have multiple appointments several times a week creating a hassle for some Veterans and pure agony for others. You have to park somewhere, near your appointment presumably, but then you must also travel across the VA campus to stand in line for your pay; or you could of course relocate your car and deal again with whatever difficulties that in itself may present. Explore a few scenarios: *A Veteran with conditions such as heart or respiratory diseases, amputee, wheelchair bound, brain injury, etc. This can be difficult enough on a beautiful weather day; what about pouring rain, snow, etc. *Taking time from work to come for appointments and now tracking down your travel pay. There is a strong potential to lose more in wages than you gain. **All of these issues penalize our Veterans. We take this as a plan of action by the government to make this process so difficult that Veterans will simply give up. **We suggest reimbursements be available on a monthly basis and mailed to those with warranting conditions. Respectfully signed,


I am the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran trying to help spread the word of changes that need to be addressed in our VA system.




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    doug danner United States
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    Brenda Shertz United States
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    Annette Vest United States
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