Ford Recall F150 Window Regulators

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Ford F150 2004 and 2005 window regulators used in the power windows are faulty and a safety issue.  Ford should issue a recall on these regulators and reimburse owners who have replaced the regulators as a result.

Cost is around $100 for the regulator and $100 for service to remove the broken and install the new regulator.

Owners have reported windows unexpectadly falling and shattering while they were driving, all regulators failing simultaneously, and replacement regulators failing continuously.

The time for Ford to issue a recall regarding these faulty regulators is overdue.



  • Stephen F Kirk
    Stephen F Kirk Madagascar
    Sep 03, 2017
    Sep 03, 2017
    Have replaced 2 of these on a 2005 F150 KR. Ludicrous that Ford has not owned up to the problem.


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    Richard Witt United States
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    Stephen F Kirk Madagascar
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    Doug United States
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