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Force Congress to Make Bullying a Crime in America!

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For years, people have been bullied for many reasons due to simply being different. Though times have slowly changed to adapting to differences, there still is a major issue with people of all ages being bullied with no consequences. Whether it's non-equality against women for breast feeding, equal salaries within the workplace, people with tattoos or deformities, gay, lesbian, and transgender people, or intelligent and creatively unique individuals (kids & adults), the bully never gets properly disciplined for the brutal actions they caused. What if Congress made a signed Bill that stated that if an individual was bullied then that bully would have committed a crime and proper punishment / discipline would be given legally? Would there be a change in the world? Would Bullies reconsider tormenting individuals knowing now that something will occur to them if they do?

It's time to make "HISTORY" as there should be something in place to properly discipline Bullies who fear those not like them and try to destro them mentally, emotionally and physcially because of it. YOU CAN MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE by simply signing this petition! Do you want to still have unequal rights and unfair standards in America allowing people, companies, and even the government bully you and others? STAND UP & MAKE DIFFERENCE NOW...SIGN THIS PETITION AND BECOME A PART OF HISTORY! There is always strengh in numbers and how many of you reading this right now can remember a time when you were bullied and nothing occurred the the one(s) bullying you? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Time to join together and make a change. Get Up Radio Media Broadcasting continues to view stories and reports of increasing bullying that leads to injuries, wrongful terminations, and even deaths. Join us now and show you care and want to make a difference. Let's let Congress know it's time to make a change.Thank you for your support for you, me, us, now and those in the future.

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