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Imagine a Star Wars game that's KoA: Reckoning+Fable+The Force Unleashed+Skyrim+Alpha Protocol+The Old Republic+Assassin's Creed+SEVERAL OTHER AMAZING RPG'S... This is what I imagine for Star Wars future after the new movie(s). I imagine an ultra customizable game set in the Star Wars universe.I'm talking CHOICES MADE THAT ACTUALLY IMPACT GAMING EXPERIENCE, ELABORATE CHARACTER CREATION, A GAME WHERE EVERYTHING MATTERS. I'm talking lightsaber customized, guns and other weapons customized. Maybe where you have to actually find or create the lightsaber crystals to have different colors, hundreds, if not, thousands of sidequests, a main storyline that changes MANY times where you make choices, maybe customized droid sidekicks... An unspeakably HUGE world that changes as you go. One where you can literally go into the Jedi Temple and try to kill them all, and it's all permanent (unless you don't save obviously). You can become a Sith Lord and command armies to do your dirty work for you, OR you can join them. No classes. You just play the way you want to. Different races.. I mean, who wouldn't want to play as an Ewok Sith Lord?? Endless possibilities, a game that never really ends. A game that acts like an MMORPG, but it's not. It can have online CAPABILITIES, not a full on online game like The Old Republic. It's name will be FORCE: A STAR WARS ADVENTURE. I have SO MUCH more to say... But that will go in my letter I send to Lucasarts.



December 24
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