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My daughter JoHanna was 7 years old when her father started molesting her, and was 13 when she finally reported the abuse. JoHanna turned 15 today. We had a semi-positive outcome, but the whole ordeal was a judicial nightmare, and unfair to JoHanna. The case was at risk from the beginning, and my daughter was continually victimized by the defendant, as well as victimized by the system that is in place to protect her. Even though the defendant is innocent until proven guilty, JoHanna is still the victim and should have been treated as such. JoHanna should have had maximum protection against the perpetrator (defendant) during investigation, indictment, trial phase, and finally settlement, and have the right to a speedy trial as afforded to the defendant. We all knew that what Lloyd did was wrong, and something had to be done, but the nightmare that ensued after the charges were filed many times had JoHanna in tears wondering if pursuing was even worth the risk. We quickly learned that the laws that are intact do nothing when it comes to protecting JoHanna's rights afforded to her by the words of Alexander Hamilton in the Declaration of Independence: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. JoHanna's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should include all matters at all times, and one the justice system should do everything in their power to uphold and honor. I understand that once allegations of this magnitude are brought forth, that life as we know ceases. What I don't understand is how the defendant can endlessly have all the rights of liberty even when he is infringing on our rights of safety and the protection it should guarantee From the time the investigation started until he was sentenced and taken away, Lloyd Parks called, assaulted, stalked, and wrote JoHanna, causing her to continually look over her shoulder in the midst of trying to lead a normal teenage life. I had filed for divorce one week before the allegations were brought forth, so I was unable to get a protective order. This left us totally and utterly unprotected. Because the case was transferred to three different courts in the 16 months it took us to bring this to fruition, not one assistant district assigned to the case knew anything about Lloyd's previous infractions. What should have transpired is that each citing, each reprimand, and each transcript should have gone with the file and immediately reviewed. I can't understand how a system can properly prosecute the defendant, and hold him accountable as well and not care what has transpired during the course of the investigation, arrest, and subsequent preparation for trial. After Lloyd Parks was arrested on March 21, 2006, and released on $150,000 bond five weeks later, things only grew worse. Every time we got transferred to another court, each new court brought a new Assistant District Attorney, who was unprepared and unaware of what had previously transpired. They were unable to prosecute infractions fairly because they had no knowledge of any previous proceedings. Each time Lloyd was not held accountable, JoHanna's paranoia increased. Lloyd violated his curfew restriction 17 times. He continually came within his 100 yard limit, and intimidated the situation he controlled by sitting, stalking, and watching. He came on our property and lured JoHanna outside, and assaulted her twice. He physically came to my property at 1:30am at the end of March (6 weeks before final trial setting) and yelled at JoHanna from outside her window. It was this incident that the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department Detective told me point blank that they could not arrest Lloyd Parks on the spot, even if they were called and confronted him face to face. JoHanna told me many times that she wished I had never told the police. That I should have just kept quiet. Even though we all knew that the silence had to be broken, we also knew that without some kind of a conviction we had no recourse in the future. If Lloyd Parks was not convicted, then we lost the chance to block any attempts at unsupervised visitation with his kids. Something needs to be done, for the rights of immediate protection for the victim of a felony criminal act caused by another person. Never should anyone be continually and flagrantly violated by the perpetrator/defendant. What I am asking for is simple; in fact, it is already in place and handed to every victim of a crime. According to the 950.04 basic Bill of Rights for Victims and Witnesses, we have the right: To exercise our rights of freedom of speech to complain about the treatment of crime victims, and to request review by the crime victims rights board of the complaint. I would also like my right to a speedy disposition of the case in which I am involved in as the victim enforced, in order to minimize the length of time we must endure the stress. I also would like our right to provide statements concerning sentencing, disposition or parole, and the right to provide information pertaining to the hardships this has had on my family. And last, but not least, I ask that you mandate stricter sentencing for convicted sexual predators. For those molesters' whose charges stem from molestation occurring over years I would like to see a two for one rule enacted, which would give the perpetrator two years for every one year he molested.

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