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For PetCo and PetSmart to house their Betta fish in better conditions.

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I want to propose a different idea to you, PetSmart and PetCo of a better way to house their Betta fish. I (and many others) feel that these fish should be housed in no container smaller than a 3 x 8. I understand why the cups are used but it is not healthy for the fish and I often times find ones that are dead or not well cared for at all. I understand that some people actually change the water in the container but it is stressful for the fish and honestly when you think about it, you wouldn't want to be housed in that kind of container either. Also, in that container they don't get to show their bright color and personality so they're less likely to get picked. There are many different ways that you can house these fish but the cups should only be used for travel. So here's the idea propose to you. A large shelf with many different containers with a heater, light and plants inside so people can actually come and pick out their fish like they do any other fish and then when they pick out their fish you put them in the cup only for travel. Or, Divided aquariums would be much healthier and better for the fish. Bettas are tropical and obviously we know that they have been known to survive without a heater but that also makes them susceptible to life-threatening diseases which is not fair to them. There are so many misconceptions about them and I hope you will help these innocent but wonderful fish.

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