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For Imvu To Shut Down And Restart All Over Again

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People have seen with their own eyes Imvu only cares about 1 thing that's money

They do Not listen to their customers at all
Some examples
When need help and do a ticket 99% you will get copy paste response that is No help and if ask for customer service number you are told its only for billing related issues

Having Search Protect in their updates and toolbar
Search Protect steals peoples personal info and can destroy computers

Groups are outdated (Imvu does Not care)

Forums are outdated (Imvu does Not care)

Minors with Ap (since its too easy with credit card to get)

Being told to flag if someone lies about their age minor pretending to be adult and how Imvu will handle it and they do Nothing because I still see the minors with false age

Imvu does Not like putting time or money on their customers suggestions


Look at link and see 98 ideas rejected some were good, some were bad

10 ideas completed and 7 of those were just issues on the site so Imvu picks those since requires No money and only small amount of time from them

Under review ideas 5 and one of them is Not even an idea just someone saying they like Imvu

Rest of ideas even with thousand of votes are completely ignored

Constant Updates just to keep Imvu running and updates have problems in them all the time

People make posts in forums about problems site has and are completely ignored by Imvu (go see for yourself)

If ideas make Imvu money then they listen if it does Not make Imvu money then prepare to have your idea ignored

Imvu should Shut Down and Restart All Over Again but this time actually listen to us on What Customers Want On Imvu

I know people might think what about all the money invested in their accounts

Would you
A) Want a Brand New Imvu where they listened to what people want to see on the site

B) Leave imvu how it is where No matter how many times you suggest, you ask for help, you ask for things to be updated on the site

you get told No, your ignored or your told Imvu is right and customer is wrong (I have seen this happen)

There is so Much Wrong with Imvu but if I were to write it all down it would take forever

Please Vote and Thanks

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