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Food industries are one of the biggest corporations. The top four beef packers control eighty percent of the market alone. Conditions for animals within these companies that was once known as humane and fair has now changed. Animals such as chickens, cows and turkeys, undergo cruel and inhumane treatment before slaughter. And they have no laws or rights to protect them. Cows are branded. Their horns are cut or burned off. Female cows are continuously impregnated. Many cows die from infection, injury, cold and/or heat. An average healthy cow has the life span of 25 years. Within the conditions they are put through today that life span has decreased to 5 years.

Before the USDA could shut down a food plant if the plant failed testing. After being taken to court by the meat and poultry industry the USDA no longer holds that power. In 1972, FDA had conducted 50,000 food safety inspections to see that the treatment of the animals we eat was healthy and safe. Recently there have been only about 9,000 of such inspections.

F.I.A.R. works to end cruelty towards animals and reinforce protective rights towards these animals within the food industry. We work to abolish the drugging, genetic engineering and inhumane treatment of animals within the food industry. Sign this petition to show your support in our mission to end animal cruelty.





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