Flying Cow Road Reset

Western Edge Homeowners Western Wellington Residents
Western Edge Homeowners Western Wellington Residents 14 Comments
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The undersigned residents, homeowners, and taxpayers of Wellington, Florida, in order to restore Flying Cow Road to the original residential access thorofare intended demand of the Wellington Village Council the following:

1. Repetitive heavy hauling, specifically dump trucks, be restricted to the non residential property proximity area, specifically two and one half miles south of the intersection with Southern Blvd. (US 441, SR 80) to the Norris Road intersection.

2. The speed limit on Flying Cow Road be adjusted so that the above mentioned length of the roadway, currently 55 MPH, match the remainder of the roadway, specifically 30 MPH.

3. The speed limit be strictly enforced to prevent speeding, speed trials, races and high speed runs, particularly during late evenings.



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