Florida: Outlaw the Dealer Fee!

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Earl Stewart
Earl Stewart 406 Comments
847 people have signed. Your voice needed! Goal: 10,000
Goal: 10,000

Hopefully, by now, all Floridians should be aware of the questionable car dealer practice of adding "dealer fees". If you don’t know about it, it’s a hidden price increase on the car you purchase disguised to look like a federal, state, or local tax or fee. It’s actually 100% profit to the dealer. “Dealer Fee” is the most common name for this disguised profit, but it goes by many names such as doc fee, dealer prep fee, service fee, administrative fee, electronic filing fee, e-filing fee, tag agency fee, pre-delivery fee, etc. The names are only limited by car dealers’ imaginations. Almost all car dealers in Florida charge a Dealer Fee. The dealer fees range from around $700 to as high as $2,000!

Please add your name to this petition and tell the Florida legislature to either outlaw this practice or to impose a cap like many other states do. In California, the dealer fee is capped at $65 - $80.

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